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Costa Mesa, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Costa Mesa, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Alternative Dream Pop




"The Matinee September 15th"

This week’s band whose name you have to remember is Jupiter Deluxe Tube. The project led by Darwinn Sato released their debut single, “Restart Me”, two days ago, and it is a thing of beauty. Artfully merging dream-pop with synth-pop, Sato has crafted a song that will sweep you off your feet. Her vocals are stunning with each note piercing through your heart as she sings of missing a loved one. Sato’s production work is also immaculate, as it seems like she is emotionally attached to every element she touches. No offence to the artists listed above, but Sato alone could be this generation’s Eurythmics.

“Restart Me” is from Jupiter Deluxe Tube’s forthcoming, debut album, Product of Insomnia. Release date to be announced. - The Revue

"JUPITER DELUXE TUBE is an art-dream..."

JUPITER DELUXE TUBE is an art-dream alternative-pop band formed by Darwinn Sato and based in Orange County, CA. Blending elements of western guitars and cosmic synths with lush vocal arrangements, Darwinn has carefully crafted her first full-length album called Product of Insomnia, telling the story of an uninhabited and undiscovered desert on a nearby planet and drawing inspiration from a conversation between the natural and the digital worlds. - Purple Melon Music

"Dreamy debute from Jupiter Deluxe Tube"

Sometimes you hear a song that pretty much has it all. This is the case (in my opinion) with the debut single Restart Me from Jupiter Deluxe Tube. This song is an emotional and ambient piece that still have catchy melodies. Jupiter Deluxe Tube is led by and revolves lead singer Darwinn Sato. Her emotional voice merges perfectly in this airy production with the driving beat and the atmospheric synths. Lyrically Restart Me is a song about the idea of sleep and dreams being an ongoing source of renewal in everyday life. The constant dreamy feel of this tune makes an almost cinematic impression. It's like you just want to be enfolded by this dreamworld with Darwinns moving solicitation for a restart pounding in your ears. This strong debut sure brings great expectations for the debut album Products of Insomnia which will be released next year, Weekly Indie Pop is really looking forward to it. - Weekly Indie Pop

"Jupiter Deluxe Tube - Home"

The upcoming debut dream pop release from Jupiter Deluxe Tube, Product of Insomnia, bubbles with ethereal melodies inspired by the auditory vibrations of sleep deprivation. The album, co-produced and engineered by Pascal Shefteshy (Arcade Fire, Rufus Wainwright) is due out on June 2. “Home” comes from a place of personal nostalgia. The feeling of coming home to a childhood sanctuary that now seems different as an adult is like watching a familiar movie for the first time in years, only to find changes you never noticed before. Sliding synths and bright chimes combine with a wavering guitar to create layers of canvas for the story to unfold. Infectious vocals carry the song to its harmony-drenched resolution. - Paste Magazine


Jupiter Deluxe Tube is a dream pop project through the lens of Orange County’s Darwinn Sato. Debut album PRODUCT OF INSOMNIA out 2nd June.
Darwinn Sato, the voice and vision behind Jupiter Deluxe Tube, cites several inspirations for Product of Insomnia. The tracks evoke alternative states of consciousness, life after death, and interstellar travel, all processed through the very specific Orange County vibes among which Sato grew up. - Insomnia Radio

"SONG PICK: Jupiter Deluxe Tube – Home"

Jupiter Deluxe Tube is the project of L.A.-based musician Darwinn Sato, who will release her debut album “Product of Insomnia” on June 2nd. The album’s title is quite literal, as she explains here:

I have terrible insomnia and can go for a few days to a week with little to no sleep, so I spend a lot of my time in the space between awake and asleep. I feel like the brain is transcended in this special transitional place in that moment where logic and a lot of the rules we follow are suspended, and a lot of my songs start out as things that I hear when I’m there.

The single “Home” represents this state of mind well and its smooth synth lines, glittering guitars and her reflective vocals can easily induce a certain dreaminess in your mind. - glamglare


Tuesday’s are the perfect day for day dreaming and keeping your head anywhere else but on the work you should be doing. In our on going attempts to bring you the best independent music we would like to introduce Jupiter Deluxe Tube, the soundtrack to your Tuesday reveries.

Founded and fronted by Darwinn Sate, Jupiter Deluxe Tube is dream pop that is the result of Sate’s severe insomnia. Spending most of her time in an endless dance of consciousness and almost sleep has resulted in songs that cover topics such as alternative states of consciousness, life after death, and interstellar travel, all of which can be heard on her debut album, Product of Insomnia due out June 2nd.

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Artwork by: Jasmin Sanchez
“Home”, the first single off the album is what nostalgia would sound like if it were a song.

“The feeling of coming home to a childhood sanctuary that now seems different as an adult is like watching a familiar movie for the first time in years, only to find changes you never noticed before”

If you’re looking to get lost in synths and angelic vocals, “Home” is the track for you to listen to today. Stream it below, and follow Jupiter Deluxe Tube on her socials.

Product of Insomnia will be released June 2nd - Wordkrapht

"Jupiter Deluxe Tube"

Interstellar travel music for your soul from LA based Jupiter Deluxe. Their Endearing debut composition Home brings together a kaleidoscope of beautiful synths and sweet vocals to capture and the captivate the listener’s ear.This track is pulled from their debut release titled Product of Insomnia to be released on the 2nd of June. Enjoy above! - Diamond Deposits

"Jupiter Deluxe Tube – Home"

Jupiter Deluxe Tube’s new album is going to be called ‘Product Of Insomnia’ and it’s a record which does what it says on the tin. The artist herself suffers with a lack of sleep and according to a soundbite on GlamGlare she says a lot of the music was created during those non-slumbering hours! ‘Home’ is delightful dream pop. - Teases and Dares

"Notes From Left of the Dial: Jupiter Deluxe Tube and more"

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Darwinn Sato (AKA Jupiter Deluxe Tube) doesn't much care for concrete associations or the relevance of tangible experiences. Her work is far more interested in investigating individual sounds that possess a much more fluid and ephemeral appearance. Her upcoming record, "Product of Insomnia" (due out in June), finds her wandering through her experiences of sleep deprivation and finding that there is some wonderful connection between music and our own fractured dreams. She explores these sounds regardless of their intention and offers them up to us as personal expressions, bits of tactile unconsciousness that form a loose-limbed musicality that ricochets around in our brains.

On her recent track, "Home," Sato taps into those lucid moments after the stars have begun to wane but before the sun takes its place on the morning skyline. Wobbly beats streak across the sky followed closely by her ethereal voice and whispers drawn from some hushed dream state. There's a clarity to the eclectic melodies, though, that perfectly captures her interstellar ingenuity, a heavenly and muted pop insight that washes over you with the force of a supernova. It's dream pop that exists above this mortal plane, full of insinuating rhythms and gauzy revelations that peer into that starry void above and reflect the vast pop landscapes that unfold within her restless imagination. - Nooga.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Jupiter Deluxe Tube - the stage name for Los Angeles singer/songwriter Darwinn Sato - makes music for the research of and visitation of infinite realms, both real and imagined. Her tracks evoke alternative states of consciousness, life after death, and interstellar travel, all processed through the very specific Orange County vibes among which she grew up.

The name of Sato's new project, Product Of Insomnia is no abstraction: Sato often goes days without sleeping and has accordingly become adept at capturing the heights of creativity one seems to only reach when on the edge of dreaming but too close to unconsciousness to get to any kind of recording device. (The songs come to her fully formed, and her songwriting process is the frustratingly slow transfer of the ideas into the real world.) The result is music that sounds something like a reined-in version of Tame Impala, or Pet Sounds with a scientific education.

It's easy to recognize the influence of a lifelong fascination with outer space and the recent passing of her grandfather in her dreamlike compositions. But while such themes can be ominous or overwhelming, her approach is an intriguing combination of innocent and scientific, with the proper internal consistency of a Michel Gondry movie. She peppers her lyrics with home-brewed scientific terms which nonetheless convey specific ideas. When she sings about her grandfather, she's less processing a future without him than asking straightforward questions about the afterlife.

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