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Jupiter Gray

Columbus, OH | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Columbus, OH
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Hip Hop Pop


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The best kept secret in music


"EP Review- Jupiter Gray - "Flowasis""

Jupiter Gray is an up-and-coming force in the LGBT community. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Gray earns distinction as one of few notable transgender hip-hop artists, giving merit to an unfairly overshadowed scene within the genre. Her wealth of musical aptitude since teenhood has allowed her to persevere the trials and tribulations of this recent journey, thereby making the best of a new leaf turned. Gray’s latest music is in the form of an EP, Flowasis, her first release since officially transitioning.

Opening on “I AM a Woman,” Gray highlights the fickleness of societal tastes in a swift spoken word style. In this short but insightful track, she calls out those who dehumanize, yet objectify her in the same way, all the while trivializing her efforts despite underlying struggle and sacrifice. In doing so, regardless of the criticism she’s received, she aims to excel to the fullest in her own true skin. “W.T.F (Welcome To Flowasis),” the track to follow, serves as an extended introduction, retaining similar thematic elements in full-length song. Gray showcases a free-form approach to her vocal tonality over a piano sequence, and emits a somewhat psychedelic sensibility in the context of harmonies. The percussive angle, though slightly on the rough side, is widely engaging and does its part in complementing the vocals. Capping the first half of the EP is “Queen Pinnin,” which expands in the way of a more involved instrumental foundation. I appreciated how Gray included greater thematic perspective in terms of her formative years, showing anger for her initial circumstances on the surface, but through it all, a resounding drive. Given the combined stylistic and thematic approach, this definitely has the potential as a representative single for the EP.

From the latter half, “High Note” defines this section with a more distinct influence scope. Its placement on the EP feels natural and there was clear effort in making the song stand out, particularly in its beat, verbal flow, and general production quality. Both she and her featured guest, Kidd Misfit, sport commanding two types of commanding presence. Whereas Jupiter comes off cool and subdued, Kidd’s delivery is much more direct and outright, but they each blend nicely within the instrumentation. The penultimate track, “Trouble in Paradise,” continues to showcase Jupiter’s musical individuality, with a guest spot by Terrence Damien. Its beat gives off a rather nostalgic feel from the synth pads, with tinges of bittersweet longing for her now distant significant other. But while those sentiments account for what’s presented at face value, Gray demonstrates maturity in having found closure, and accepting her circumstances as they are. Conversely, the final track, “Runaway,” plays like an alternate ending of sorts. In keeping with the nostalgic tones. It seems to center on a continuing point of the previous song, where the two find themselves reunited. The twist occurs after a momentary lapse, wherein despite a largely positive feel, a sound of spitting is heard, followed by that of driving away, signifying a bitter means of moving on.

Overall, Flowasis is a solid debut for Jupiter Gray. Each song fits within her journey, making consistent natural highs out of otherwise perturbing lows, and maintaining that positivity in the process. The beats quickly progress toward more colorful and nuanced involvement, while wholly complementing her distinct timbre, cheeky humor, and thematic flow. I look forward to hearing how well her skills will eventually translate in a full-length album setting. - MusicExistence.com

"Stereo Stickman Loves Jupiter Gray"

Jupiter Gray pours her depth and her struggle into this EP with unwavering realness. I Am A Woman is about the most clear-cut introduction to her work that you could get, a simple spoken word piece that introduces her character and what drives her as an artist in an unedited and pure way.

After this, W.T.F brings the rhythm and the funk, a classically infectious RnB tune with a dash of stylish hip hop during the verses. The subject matter holds tight to that personal truth, but mixed in with this is an all important level of swagger and familiarity from a musical perspective. It’s a well produced and rightfully confident bit of writing and performance, and it works to reach out to any and all music fans.

Queen Pinnin leans in a much heavier direction – a thick hip hop beat comes through, a dark and atmospheric soundscape, later accompanied and driven along by an equally rhythmic and dramatic rap delivery; with a simple and effective, hard-hitting hook section. This track is an early highlight, it speaks less in details but in volumes – you feel that confidence and that drive, rather than being simply told about it. The beat is superb and Jupiter Gray meets the requirements of that level of energy perfectly with her lyricism and her performance.

High Note (Feat. Kidd Misfit) follows on with further grit and weight. An intense track with a great backdrop and a series of bars that pour through with equally impressive flows. It’s refreshing to hear this kind of creative and passionate hip hop these days – a rare thing it seems, but hopefully on the up-rise once again.

Trouble In Paradise (Feat. Terrance Damien) redirects the mood a little, a gentle and slightly vulnerable piece of writing and music – the story-line is presented in a poetic way, feeling again like spoken word rather than rap. It makes for a welcomed moment of change. The song utilizes melody to create an ambiance that fits the underlying sentiment in a soft but certain way. There’s a definite lightness to this track, particularly after what came before. The story seems to connect to something much more specifically personal, directed at a significant other and therefore a little more relevantly whisper-like.

Things come to a close with the atmospheric and thoughtful Runaway. This song deals with the difficulties of the individual – those that exist beneath the social radar, unbeknownst to even the closest friends. The track has a soulful feel to it, a thick and mellow beat accompanies some delicate vocal outpourings and another deeply personal, emotional string of lyricism.

There’s an unusual level of eclecticism on this project – the harder hitting rap tracks contrast cleverly with the more tentative, delicate ones – something you don’t often come across, particularly within such a short project. Flowasis has some big moments and is respectively creative from start to finish. On top of this, the perspective is one that’s in need of much more attention and respect – any and all members of the hip hop community in general are likely to find something worth hearing. Well worth exploring.

Download the EP via iTunes. Find & follow Jupiter Gray on Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram. - Stereo Stickman


“Flowasis” marks Ohio rapper, Jupiter Gray’s first project since coming out as a transgender woman. Gray has been exposed to a large quantity of influence and culture from a young age. Born to parents with strong musical abilities, it seemed only natural that Jupiter would find herself in the music industry. If there is any justice in this cruel and unfair world, Jupiter Gray will soon become one a universally respected artist. Her versatility is unparalleled in today’s underground Hip-Hop/R&B scene. Jupiter exudes copious amounts of charisma on every track included here. This lady has a rare ability to blend genres in a uniquely approachable manner. The grooves come at you from multiple angles.

Mainstream modern Hip-hop and R&B music is beginning to become a stale and bland genre. Though occasionally fans get albums from outstanding artists who break away from the generic style, many urban artists today rely a little too much on clichéd sounds. However, “Flowasis” is the kick in the ass the genre needs.

It is an ambitious record with a new and original sound of its own that takes influence from Hip-hop, R&B, Pop and Electronic. The EP starts off extremely strong with songs like “I AM a Woman” and “W.T.F (Welcome To Flowasis)” which show off Jupiter’s incredible singing and rapping skills, as well as the recording’s catchy flow and instrumentation.

This first section of the recording is where Jupiter Gray strongly asserts the status of her sexuality in no uncertain terms. It is a section of the EP that is particularly emotional and engaging, and closes out with the dramatic, cinematic-styled synths of “Queen Pinnin”.

Artistically though, a huge part of what makes “Flowasis” truly unforgettable is the second half of the EP, which almost feels like a completely different musical experience. Since it focuses more on fleshed out alternative arrangements, and the recording begins to center itself around a more daringly bold musical statement, which is something we don’t get enough of in many EP’s or albums today.

“High Note (Ft. Kidd Misfit)” rides in on a joyous harmonic sample that drives the momentum of the track, allowing Jupiter to lay down a spectacular rap flow where she shows of the confidence in her talent as well as her sensuality.

“Trouble In Paradise (Ft. Terrance Damien)” is a track full of powerful vocals from Jupiter herself, who’s voice is impactful and incredibly expressive, in any range she chooses. This is a track that simultaneously shoves its message right in your face, whilst providing subtleties that makes it well worth returning to for multiple listens.

The production on this EP is just as striking as the vocal work. The keyboard motifs are particularly haunting, and the backing vocals round out the sound effectively, but what really makes the production on “Flowasis” special, is the way that the hip-hop beats and electronic ideas are so seamlessly integrated.

The EP closes down with a beautifully poignant love ballad entitled “Runaway”. This is a powerful and honest song and is absolutely worth lots of your time.

“Flowasis” has quickly shown itself to be a breath of fresh air for the urban genres. It also puts Jupiter Gray in the spotlight, and marks the beginning of a promising career for her. If we get more interesting and thoughtful records like this from Jupiter, she will no doubt have the potential to become a decade-defining artist in the future. In more ways than one! - Jamsphere

"Jupiter Gray Teams Up With AMW Group"

Jupiter Gray Releases Debut EP "Flowasis" -- Available September 17
Ohio rapper releases new EP inspired by a new outlook on life

Los Angeles, CA - September 10, 2018 — Columbus, Ohio rapper Jupiter Gray is ready to take the music industry by storm and look good while doing so. Jupiter is excited to release her debut EP "Flowasis" on September 17. "Flowasis" marks Jupiter Gray’s first project since coming out as a transgender woman. Gray has been exposed to a large quantity of influence and culture from a young age. Born to parents with strong musical abilities, it seemed only natural that Jupiter would find herself in the music industry.

At the age of 16, Gray was accepted into a prestigious arts academy. She began practicing day in and day out to hone her lyrical skills, composition and singing abilities. She made her debut performance in 2015 as the opening act for Mindless Behavior. Soon after, Gray released her acclaimed mixtape "Alone At The Party". With the hype that surrounded her, Gray released her buzzed about single "Space Assassin". She was discovered by Jacob Berger of Republic Records after her single "Lil Loco Cocoa" dropped in 2017. Gray is currently unsigned.

The 6-track EP will focus on her come up, love life, industry struggles, and future accomplishments. "Flowasis" will be available on all major music platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music. For more information about the EP, you can follow Jupiter Gray on Instagram and Twitter. - AMW Group

"EP Review- Jupiter Gray - "Flowasis" 8.8 out of 10"

Jupiter Gray is a rapper, singer and hip hop/RnB artist who identifies as a trans woman and comes from Columbus, Ohio. She has been noted as an upcoming influence on the LGBT scene and has featured with fellow artists like Cakes da Killa, Azealia Banks, Mykki Blanco and Dai Burger, amongst others. She has performed at various musical festivals including Comfest, Pride Festivals and many more.

This EP, Flowoasis, is her debut and consists of six tracks. It begins with the powerful spoken word track I AM a Woman and many of the tracks deal with the issue of her gender identity. Next comes the title track, and it’s a superb piece of RnB infused hip hop where Jupiter showcases her skills as both a singer and rapper. Starting with the catchy vocal hook, she delivers the verses with a fluent lyrical style, full of inventive rhymes.

Queen Pinnin is equally good, a hard hitting hip hop track with an infectious groove. Jupiter’s rapping here is as good as any of her hip hop contemporaries, laying down clever, slick lines with effortless ease and seamless flow. Her lyrical style is aggressive yet always closely controlled, giving every track potency and intensity. High Note (ft. Kidd Misfit) is incendiary; Jupiter and Kidd Misfit trade verses and their styles complement each other perfectly. My personal favourite on the EP.

Trouble in Paradise (ft. Terrance Damien) is one of the more RnB influenced tracks, featuring a super catchy vocal refrain. Here, it’s the singing voices that complement each other rather than the rapping style. Final track Runaway is another fine, though shorter, RnB track with a languid beat and a compelling vocal performance from Jupiter, aided by some futuristic cutting-edge production.

Overall, this is a brilliant debut EP from a passionate and gifted artist, adept both at singing and rapping. Her background and gender identity make her an artist very relevant to the current cultural zeitgeist, but most importantly she has several killer tracks that will help make her mark on the hip hop scene. You might well be hearing the name of Jupiter Gray a lot in the future.

VERDICT: 8.8 out of 10
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Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jupiter Gray is a rapper and singer from Columbus Ohio

She has played at large festivals such as Comfest (2018) and Stonewall Pride festival (2016, 2017). She has began building a decent following and has even been scouted by Universal Music Group and Republic Records A&R Jacob Berger back in 2016 after the release of her buzzed single "Lil Lococ Cocoa" which seen some chart success in France (Check "Jupiter Gray" on ChartsInFrance.Com) 

She has been considered an influential part of the lgbt music scene and has been featured alongside established artist such as Azealia Banks, CakesDaKilla and more. She was even interviewed along side Cakes as an artist to watch.

In September Jupiter Gray teamed up with established and respected industry press firm, AMW Group. She also released her debut EP "Flowasis" which enjoyed a great amount of blog coverage and even achieved airplay in Canada.

If your looking for a young, talented and unique artist who combines rapid fire rapping with melodic singing all while being engaging , Jupiter Gray is a great choice for any venue.

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