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"epiTunes.com Arist of the Day"

Dark Brooding Epic Rock Returns

Creating epic rock songs that recall such post punk pioneers as Killing Joke and The Cult, Jupiter Crash is a musical force to be reckoned with. Delving head first into the darkly romantic and mysterious soundscapes created by the aforementioned post punk pioneers, Jupiter Crash is at once both reassuringly familiar and intoxicatingly edgy. - epiTunes.com

"Northwest Noise Cd Review"

"Seattle's Jupiter Crash made their virgin-popping appearance on Northwest Noise on March 5th, 2006; I played their EP, Fell From the Hotel, the morning prior and was immediately drawn to their music. Damn, those vocals were unique! If I could have found my Clash and Killing Joke CD's I'd have played those after listening to Jupiter Crash. That's because the four musicians find common ground in the sound of Killing Joke, The Cure, Joy Division, and the Lords of the new Church.

2005's Fell From The Hotel EP starts with Metro, a song driven by a relentless drum and bass combination. Each word Steven Parsons's sings seems to be disassembled and pieced in a perfect rhythmic pattern...

The rest of the EP just fits; here, put the CD in your player; do something, (vacuum your damn carpet already!) and enjoy the musical consistency and vision these guys put into this release. The EP will take you from the dark and pounding No Happy to the more upbeat I Stay Awake. If you must know I would date the track How About You? if it were human, and wore a tight shirt, and... nevermind, damn good song that one is." - www.northwestnoise.com

"DJ Coldheart Review"

Jupiter Crash is one of the city's tightest bands heralding the re-appearance of the kind of epic dark rock that has elements of Killing Joke, Lords of the New Church, and early Cult, sounding like an amalgam of them all with a forward-driving bold sound.

Quickly following on the heels of their excellent EP "Fell From the Hotel," is their new album on the local label SINister Records "The Skin Before the Art," featuring many dark surprises, further honing their sound and craft. - DJ Coldheart

"CD Review"

Jupiter Crash

Fell From The Hotel EP

(Crash Site)

If you are going to start a band, listen to Jupiter Crash's Fell From The Hotel EP, take the music in, and realize that your stupid band probably won't be as good as this.

The funny thing about these "retro" nu-wave bands like Franz Ferdinand is that they're musical sloppy seconds or - Of I may be so bold - Shasta Cola, While the elder Brit-pop bands are Coke ( or Pepsi, depending on what your taste is ). I guess the cynic in me would just rather listen to Gang of Four or The Smiths than their many knock-offs. But from time to time, a band like Jupiter Crash comes into the scene A band that does borrow from 1980's Brit-pop, but making a sound their own.

Fell From The Hotel has many influences on its 8- track sleeve: "Metro" takes cues from The Cure; "Fell From The Hotel" is akin to Morrissey; and "Ashes" is reminiscent of "Out of Time" era R.E.M. Yet, while these songs are playing, they take on a life of their own, probably due to how well the members of this band plays their instruments. Singer Steven Parsons deserves his own credit, however, as he deftly combines the tonality of Fred Schneider and Robert Smith's melodic hooks.

As labels are scrambling to sign another Killers or Art Brut, God forbid, they should really pay attention to Jupiter Crash - a band that clearly is influenced by two-decade-old music, but not a slave to it.

Grade: A
by Ryan Pangilinan
- Redefine Magazine

"The Skin Before the Art review"

"In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new rock band in town and they’re packing screaming guitars. The Skin Before The Art is the follow up to Jupiter Crash’s debut EP Fell From the Hotel and was released on New Years Eve by independent label SINister Records. The CD was produced by Jonathan Plum at the famous London Bridge Studios, is 11 tracks full of darkness and power that will infuse your veins with energy and leave you drained when it over.

Straight out of the box is the gloomy Dark Surprise, this track is what gets you going. It sets the mood for the rest of the album with a story about the power and drive of lust, how our basest needs can over ride our common sense. “Submit to your skin” completely sums up the feeling this song brings. Next, we have Chaos Mind, probably my favorite on the album…Listen, the truth of the matter is there are just no words to accurately describe the songs on this album. I mean all I can say is that the album if fucking great and that , my friends, is a gross understatement.

What all you readers need to do is go give these guys a listen and then buy their record. If you don’t like it I’ll buy the thing for you…okay, no I won’t. Seriously, these guys are worth your trouble, Jupiter Crash has been around the Seattle scene for a number of years and with the addition of Lee Tillman (from The Sins) they are headed to the top. You can get their CD from the SINister Records Website" - lithiumradio.net
- lithiumradio.net

"Fame Addiction EP Review"

These guys are just fucking AWESOME! That's all there is to it, Jupiter Crash = Awesomeness. The Fame Addiction EP is a three song EP with enough rock and roll power to fill a full length album (and to rip your face off). But I've been a fan of Jupiter Crash since I heard The Skin Before The Art a couple years ago, so I am somewhat biased.

This album is pretty much more of what made The Skin Before The Art great, and that's a screaming guitar, a thunderous beat, and a singer who can actually carry a tune…several of them in fact.

All joking and fan-boy stuff aside, Jupiter Crash is one of the best independent rock bands working today, and they don't follow the norm, this isn't a standardized rock band that you can't tell apart from all the other indie rock bands. They stand alone doing their own thing and when you hear their music you'll know what I'm talking about.

And they're backed by one of the BEST independent labels out there, SINister Records, all the bands they handle are the cream of the crop. So, if you like what you hear from Jupiter Crash go over to SINister Records and buy their album and check out some of the other bands while you're there."
- Lithium Radio - Swan

"Review- The Skin Before the Art"

Jupiter Crash - The Skin Before the Art
2006 SINister Records

Jupiter Crash's "The Skin Before the Art" is THE AWESOME. I listened to this CD over and over and over again and I never got tired of it. Dark rock at it's finest. Every song is full of seductive qualities. This is a CD to *blank* to.

Selected tracks:

Dark Surprise - Pulls you in. Pounding rhythms
Chaos Mind - Sexy vocals and guitars.
Waiting for a Sign - Brings it down. Slow and hypnotic
Descent - Post punk 1st wave goth sounds ala The Cult
Sinners and Losers - A touch of southern rock
Too Much - A perfect closing song - Waiting For the Blackouts

"Jonathan Plum quote"

"Producers like me are lucky to work with bands like Jupiter Crash.
They know what they like, they know how to communicate and they rock.

About 95% of the vocals on "The Skin Before the Art" were cut live. Amazing!"

- Jonathan Plum (Producer/Engineer/Co-Owner - London Bridge Studios) - Jonathan Plum


2005 E.P. "Fell From the Hotel"
2007 "The Skin Before the Art" (Produced by Jonathan Plum at London Bridge Studios)
2008 "Fame Addiction" digital EP
2009 "The London Bridge Sessions Vol. 1" 3 Song EP. (Produced by Jonathan Plum at London Bridge Studios and Mastered by Eddy Schreyer)



In early 2007, Dark Rockers Jupiter Crash, recorded their first full-length CD “The Skin Before the Art” at Seattle's legendary London Bridge Studios, with producer Jonathan Plum. The CD's single "Dark Surprise" was chosen as the theme song for Carey Hart's new club, Wasted Space, inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. NV. In the Fall of 2008 the band released the acclaimed digital only 3 song EP, "Fame Addiction" which debuted on Damon Stewart's radio show, Garage Monkey. Also in the Fall of that year, the band made it into the top 30 semi-finals of Motley Crue's "Make Rock History" contest, flying to L.A. to compete. Presently, Jupiter Crash are back in the studio with Jonathan Plum working on the follow-up to "Fame Addiction", due out in the Spring of 2009 and working with Las Vegas designer, Albert Ochosa of Rising Sun Media, on a new branding campaign and website. www.jupitercrashsite.com.