Jupiter ENT

Jupiter ENT

 Willetton, Western Australia, AUS

Brown is the new black. Jupiter ENT comprises a group of Indian rappers and producers raised in Australia, whom are not only making music that is at the forefront of the industry, but are ready to crush the image that Indians are not cool.


? Established as a partnership between Suki Sekhon, Jasky ‘j-sKy’ Singh and Ravi ‘Razz’ Anand in 2007
? Combining the production experience of Suki Sekhon and the performance expertise of jsKy, the group generated immediate interest in Western Australia
? In 2008, Jupiter was performing at small events as a hip hop duo
? Jupiter Entertainment expanded into international music production
? Working alongside Bollywood music industry heavyweights in Mumbai
? Started producing a very unique style of music, a commercial blend ranging from pure R&B/Hip Hop to Electro House to Indian Fusion to Soul
? Enlisting Australian gold selling RnB superstar Christian Alexander in 2009
? Touring internationally and across Australia at sold out shows with the world’s biggest names including Jay Sean, Akon, Pitbull, Ministry of Sound, and several others.
? Today, Jupiter Entertainment has a huge fan following with thousands of members part of its online public and private groups, a massive SMS database and regular visitors to its personal webpage.
? The breakthrough opportunity eludes Jupiter Entertainment, with years of hard work, detail to perfection and persistence. Jupiter Entertainment is awaiting the chance to get its music heard by the masses. Confident that it has a product like no other.


"Hypnotized" feat Christian Alexander (produced by MoFolactic) - picked up by Australia's biggest commercial radio station Nova FM.