Jupiter One

Jupiter One


Who are they and where did they come from? Well crafted songs and calulated grooves. Beautiful melodies and symphonic textures. Welcome to the world of Jupiter One. Aggressively funky and dangerously catchy, this New Wave synth rock band hails from Brooklyn.


Part sci-fi, Part mother nature. New York five-piece Jupiter One’s fresh sound breathes new life into stale stereotypes of indie rock. Born out of an urge to create mini-orchestral pieces, Jupiter One has dedicated its life to producing well-designed rock. In operation since 2003, the recent addition of drummer Dave Heilman in 2004 expanded their sound, incorporating new textures to create a different aural experience for each song. Each of the five members are studied musicians whose combined influences include Blonde Redhead, Deathcab for Cutie, Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips, Talking Heads, and David Bowie to name a few.

Jupiter One continually play all over New York City and have played at downtown venues Rothko, Knitting Factory, Sin-e, Pianos and Tribeca Rock Club. Live, the musical dexterity of Jupiter One is fully realized as lead vocalist K jumps from keyboard to violin and Mocha goes from violin to keyboard while Zac drops keyboards for guitar. The varied sounds of Jupiter One’s multilayered dance grooves plays out loud and clear with precision not reached by many new bands these days. Jupiter One’s space-age orchestral rock hits hard enough to move asses on the dance floor, and is so richly textured and thoughtfully conceived that it can open minds at the same time.



Written By: Colwell/Ishibashi

Clouds above the cemetery.
Can’t even tell the time of day…
They give nothing away
Reading names of people past.
They’re so very close and far away
But who am I to say?

Clouds obscure the borderlines, there’s big weeping willows all around.
Their branches weight them down.

Remember when we came unglued.
We’d float by the window.
The neighbors must have had a laugh.
We love to put on a show.
For people who would try to deny.
We’d show ‘em the pictures.
The only thing that bothers me now is why here?

Is it true?
As I walk along the beach beside you.
That nothing in the world can find you?

Here’s to you!
Let the growing of the trees remind you.
That everything is now behind you.

Ear against a mosoleum
Eyes on a broken wrist watch hand

Remembering when we came unglued
I feel like my heart is beating fast
I can’t seem to relax

And people never used to smile
When posing for portraits
It must have been a different time.
No phony elastic grin.
It feels like it's the real me.
Straight face and a blank stare.
Looking like I never win,
But I feel fine.

in my life
I've been sure that a wall was end of the world and


6-song self title EP released in July 2005. “Wrong Line” receiving regular airplay in NYC college music radio stations.

Set List

Typical 45 minute all original set:
Wrong Line
Moon Won’t Turn
Fire Away
Kamikaze Pilots
Safe But Not at Home
Turn Up the Radio
Summer Song