jupiter one

jupiter one


If David Bowie gave voice lessons to The Shins' James Mercer, and ELO gave rock lessons to Gang of Four.


Percolating with the nervous energy of the Talking Heads, the stuttering punk-funk of Gang of Four, and the pulsating synths of the Cars, Jupiter One injects colorless indie rock with a bracing rhythmic pulse, two-fisted pop hooks, and East Coast swagger.
Named after the failed starship in the geeky ’60s TV cult fave Lost In Space, Jupiter One was formed in 2003 by singer/guitarist K Ishibashi, keyboardists Zac Colwell and Mocha, bassist Ben Wright, and drummer Dave Heilman. The New York-based five-piece produce an electrifying, invigorating sound that recall the pogo-party frenzy of the late ’70s-early ’80s underground club scene but with a contemporary guitar punch that has drawn comparisons to the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Bloc Party.
Jupiter Ones space-age orchestral rock hits hard enough to move asses on the dance floor, and is so richly textured and thoughtfully conceived that it can open minds at the same time.


EP "Jupiter One"
EP "Magical mountain and the floating hospital"
Album "Jupiter one"

Singles - "Countdown" featured on EA Sports' Madden 08', "Turn Up the Radio" featured on NHL 08'
"Fire Away" featured on Paradise Burnout.
"Unglued"featured on FIFA 08'.
"Platfrom moon"featured on Matsuda Europe Comercial.
songs has also been placed in ABC's Kyle XY, and Flash Gordan on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Set List

45 min set - 9 songs
including following songs
Turn Up the Radio
Mystery Man
Platform Moon
Fire away