Jupiter One

Jupiter One


Jupiter One, a colorful and energetic synth rock band from NYC.


Jupiter One introduces exciting and lush ideas to the oftentimes stale and trashy New York noise scene. This group conjures thick orchestral imagery, smoothly blending violins, guitars, and analog synthesizers into a crisp pop package. "Countdown", the lead track, has been infecting college radio and podcasts around the world for more than a year. From the very first addictive riff, this is a thrusting, powerful and enthralling song that captures a band on the brink of stardom.

Independently Jupiter One has made a lot of progress recording their critically acclaimed EP, winning first runner-up for Best Song at the NY Singer/Songwriter’s Competition with “Countdown”, and performing to sold out crowds in Boston, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and of course New York City



Written By: K. Ishibashi


And so it begins…
Countdown, can you think of a reason why you so love it downtown?
I met you in the middle of this scandalous town.
It’s a miracle you’re walking around.
Countdown in a dark town, and so it begins…

It started with a minute of your favorite sound.
A sexy little secret of a radio song.
I wish it wasn’t floating around.
Countdown to a tight sound, and so it begins.

Can you think of a reason why it’s your favorite town.
It caught you with your finger on a video girl.
America is watching you now.
Countdown to a night gown.

Hey now, wake up!
It’s a beautiful day.
Hey now, look up!
You’re always turning away.
Are you falling asleep?
Hey now, wake up!
Are you looking away?
Hey now, look up?
Are you watching?
It’s a brand new day and you shouldn’t be fading away…

And so it begins…
Countdown, it’s the time of the season when you’re a man around town.
Imagination taking you where no one else can.
Floating on sins that surround.
Count down to a dark town and so it begins,

It’s a menace with the promise of a medicine man,
As fatal as the making of a serial fan.
Come over here as soon as you can
Countdown to a dark brown.

Hey now…



Jupiter One EP: 2005
"Countdown" Single - March 2007

Set List

Moon wont turn
Wrong Line
Turn up the Radio
Mystery Man
Platform Moon
Fire Away