Jupiters Bonzai

Jupiters Bonzai

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

An energetic funk/pop/rock outfit hailing from mighty Melbourne, Australia. Big hearty vocal hooks, whisteable guitar melodies, meshed with grinding funk rhythms and stomping drums - this is Jupiters Bonzai.


Chris & diz met at a school for independent achievers in 1996 after their respective high schools issued a gentle boot. A love of funk was the tarzan grip & they quickly formed a band with diz drumming & Chris on guitar. After a lot of musical sluttery they finally found Murray Lawson, who’s soulful rock vocals stitched into the fabric perfectly. This was the beginning of a long lasting musical brothership.

In 2003 Jupiters Bonzai cut their first EP 'Illogic' using diz's 808 samplers. With a big focus on pre-production, sampling & layered guitars, the stage was set for their working technique for the next 7 years & the recording was warmly received by all. Soon afterwards they fleshed out the lineup & began gigging solidly, holding residencies at some of Melbourne’s greatest live venues. New material was spawned along the way & by 2006 they cut the 'Self titled' EP at Salt Studios. These sessions highlighted the trio's strengthening song writing abilities & following the EP launch, exposed the group as a fully firing live band.

After 4 years of sweat soaked stages they took a break to rest on the up-stroke. Solo projects flourished but the Bonzai nucleus remained, and it wasn’t long before the three were clocking up crazy hours on the 808 again.

The new EP - 'Music for the Busted, Bent & Beautiful', recorded at Highway 9 Productions, has been a labour of love for the band. The single 'She cut me like a Samurai' is a testament to the bands ability to grow and mature whilst retaining the accents and qualities which identified them as Jupiters Bonzai from the very begining.

Now with a full six piece band featuring diz, Chris & Muz plus new members Jess Molenaar Spring (Vox), Mickey Lewis (Guitar) and Alex Savage (Bass), Jupiters Bonzai are performing again - so watch this space!

Jupiters Bonzai’s sound has been referenced against some of their favourite artists including: Beastie Boys, Regurgitator, Helmet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Run DMC, Funkadelic, Soundgarden & The Blues Explosion - all of whom are among their greatest influences.


Illogic (2004)
Jupiters Bonzai (2005)
Music for the busted, bent & beautiful (2010)

Set List

Come on Down
You know what's comin now
She cut me like a samurai
Die for the butterflies
Tokyo Love
See you there
Slut Superstar