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Jupiter Sunrise

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Low Profile"

You may be as suprised as we were to find a band claiming the Beatles and Radiohead as influences on the same label that brought us math-punks Breaking Pangea and metal-core mighties like As The Sun Sets and As Hope Dies. But here come Jupiter Sunrise, all layered harmonies and pop-rock dynamics, to show us anything's possible.
Finding Power-pop bands that can write memorable hooks is like shooting fish in a barrel. But this two-year-old quartet rise above the normally faceless pop-rock pack with ambitions and influences that stretch for decades, as well as subject matter (usually dark and twisted)that goes far beyond the usual cries of "she left me."
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Ozma/Cave In/the Stereo - Alternative Press

"Small town rock with big ideas"

4 "K"'s
The low down: From their name and cover art, you may expect Jupiter Sunrise to pilfer ideas from Cave In’s starry eyed prog-core. In fact, they deal in the kind of story telling that’s been sorely missed since pop-punk got partitioned into scrubbed for MTV banality. Taking Back Sunday, The Ataris and Jimmy Eat World, are the obvious reference points, but “Under a Killer Blue Sky” is recommended listening due to a charm that’s all it’s own. Best tracks: Arthur Nix and Josie’s House. - Kerrang!

"Selected press quotes for "Under a Killer Blue Sky""

"Sincerely clever & infectious indie/new wave-influenced, pop-rock for fans of Simon & Garfunkel, Weezer, The Beatles, Elliot Smith, Jimmy Eat World, etc. ...Without a doubt, one of the best, truly feel-good albums of the year. KOAR’s highest recommendation." - Kings of A&R

"...a wet dream for all melodic rock lovers - Husker Du of 2003" - The Melodic Net

"Anthemic rock works on the human psyche the way you salivate when you smell good food. It works on a basic level that is pointless to deny. You know you like a Cheap Trick song, or a Weezer song, or even a Rick Springfield song. And in this most basic of human reactions lies the power of Jupiter Sunrise. It’s solid, somewhat familiar, and taps into something in all of us that is connected to the head-bobbing and foot-tapping genes. Deny these most primitive genes and watch yourself devolve into a gelatinous goo. Or revel in it with Jupiter Sunrise." - Herbivore Magazine

"...pop gems..." - Hits Daily

"You've got to like a band that writes some of their lyrics in code. Don't worry, there's a Rosetta Stone imprinted on the actual CD so you can have fun translating their alternate title to the album (among other things). Oh, by the way, Jupiter Sunrise's Under a Killer Blue Sky is quite a stunning debut." - In Your Ear Magazine

"Listen once, you’ll like it. Listen a few times, and it will be among your favorites." - Ali's Hits and Misses, listed on Year's Best

"The only real problem with Under A killer Blue Sky might stem from the band being a little too good in some departments." - 30Music.com

"If the latest by Jupiter Sunrise were to become stuck in my car CD player, I still don't think I could get enough of it. Under a Killer Blue Sky is hit after talented hit." - NinjaNetMusic.com

"This is an album that’s melodies overtake the plastic and it’s one that no fan of poppy rock or anything of the sort should be without, it’s truly one of the greats." - Upbeatmusic.com
- Various

"Comments from the loyaists"

"Malek's performance was gripping and the story was inspiring beyond belief. Definitely the most profound example of the power of alignment which I have ever been blessed to hear." - Trevor Marples - TheWorldIsComingToAStart.com

"As a musician and a teacher who appreciates the combination of authentic expression and skillful artistry in music I was blown away by Malek's performance. There was a moment, amidst the masterful storytelling and beautiful songs, that I had the thought, "It is really possible for me to do exactly what I am here to do." The best part is that the thought and the feelings are still with me." - EdwOrd Biagiotti - TappingIntoGenius.com

"Jupiter Sunrise really was a inspiration for me to pursue what i am in school. I am attending clarion university in PA for my docterate in music education." - Mark James Liberto - the band Sideways Approach

"On this day a year ago my whole life changed because of a small group of people (Jupiter Sunrise) and I'm so grateful to be a part of the revolution to come.” - Mike Annan - Guitarist

“Mark is a visionary who is unrelentingly, and always creatively pursuing his goal. We have worked side by side many times, once for a couple months straight. He is a humble people person, a talented musician, and a day to day manager who hasn't clocked out of his job in the 8 years I've known him. His care for the people around him is always evident, and his inclusion of them in his pursuits is rivetingly unique and laudable. I will make sure to know Mark forever. He's an inspiration, and I know well that his mere existence in their lives is a catalyst to many.” - Greg Wood - Performer & Manager

"Musically unimpeded, freeness with abandon, and soul-sweetness which brought me to myself deeply enough to recognize a truth and a subtle awe. All the while I was feeling great dancing and having just a really good time!" - Michael Bedar - Motivational Speaker

"Jupiter Sunrise has all the right elements from passion to soul to just plain good ol' rock n' roll! Everything he writes is purely honest and real. Absolutely one of the best musicians and poets that I have ever had the pleasure to hear." - Robbie Jolie - Singer of the band Ex Machina
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"May the Box Burn Down Around You" - The latest new Jupiter Sunrise album has just been released in Jan. of '10.
"Under a Killer Blue Sky"- Jupiter Sunrise first commercial release superseded the bands first album. This was met with high praise from the media and the indie rock world which helped propel the project to it's current level of success.
"The Purple Album"- The first release from Jupiter Sunrise was a 12 song self-titled album affectionately dubbed as noted by the fans. It promptly sold out of two printings.
Myspace Records Vol. 1 (with various artists)
Take Action Sampler, 2004 (with various artists)
AMP American Music Press #6, 2003/4 (with various artists)



"Malek's performance was gripping and the story was inspiring beyond belief. Definitely the most profound example of the power of alignment which I have ever been blessed to hear." - Trevor Marples - TheWorldIsComingToAStart.com

"A night with the enigmatic duo that is Jupiter Sunrise had me hypnotized surprised and moved by the magical combination of powerful and unexpectedly pretty sounds they pair with uplifting and original lyrics." - Gemini Adam, Author

"Jupiter Sunrise is the only band I can listen to and watch over and over and over again." - Max Simon, Celebrity Coach

Jupiter Sunrise is a one-of-a-kind cutting edge music and epic storyteller's show which consistently gets audiences to contemplate their life, motivate their actions, and instigates them to tell their own stories.

Part standup, part rock n roll, part cinema this hybrid of classic styles under the wildly imaginative guidance of Mark Malek Houlihan invents itself as something extraordinarily original to the audiences that inevitably rave with inspiration. (See press comments)

By their fourth show in their home-base of Orange County they were already selling out the local rock club. The project began when lead 'sing-writer' Mark Malek burned all his belongings in a ceremonial suburban lawn fire clearing the way for a new sound conjuring wild comparisons to David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and The Band. A wide collection of colorful musicians orbit the group's core philosophy which is to serve humanity one song at a time.

The first untitled self-produced CD promptly sold out of the only copies ever pressed, which prompted a big national commercial release entitled "Under a Killer Blue Sky". Over one million internet downloads resulted when Tom Anderson, Founder of MySpace, discovered them and they became the first band sponsored by the massive web portal. Many privileges followed such as a headlining spot on the MySpace stage for all of Warped Tour '05, showcase at the Sundance Film Festival '09, the accumulation of over thirty-seven thousand MySpace friends, interviews for reputable media outlets like NPR and Business 2.0, and inclusion on widely distributed compilations such as MySpace Records Vol. 1, the Take Action, and AMP Magazine samplers. Their albums and the live shows have received rave critical review including 4 K's in Kerrang! and praise in Alternative Press. Songs from that same album can be heard on several episodes of MTV's Real World, MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, One Tree Hill, and in several independent films.

Now the seminal work of Malek's Jupiter Sunrise experiment has recently been released along with a vast reservoir of new raw material excitedly awaiting the moment when it will begin it's own journey to countless eager fans.