jupiter watts

jupiter watts

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Noisy and at times muscular, Jupiter Watts' thickly textured guitar pop shifts and shimmers in the light like a tumbling prism." - Creative Loafing


Jupiter Watts came together in late 2001, bonding over a shared love for noisy guitar pop songs played at high volume. Not long after forming, the Atlanta quartet recorded its debut, short wave signals and false alarms, which was released in early 2003 to critical praise in publications both local and national. Reflecting the band's diverse musical vocabulary, critics likened the group to sources as disparate as the Jesus & Mary Chain, the Pixies, and the Rolling Stones. In April 2005, Jupiter Watts released their second full-length recording, Let It Lie, on which the band slowed the tempos and expanded its musical palette. Bassist/keyboardist Jared Welsh and drummer Kevin Wallace joined the band in late 2005, and the sound has continued to grow and refract, exploring new sonic spaces while simultaneously honing a more complete, realized sound. They recorded their self-titled third album during the summer and fall of 2006 with Athens, Georgia-based producer David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction Studios. "Jupiter Watts" is their most fully-realized project to date, at times organic, at times synthetic, at times melodious, at times dissonant. The threads that tie it all together are the hooks that peek out at the most unexpected places, along with the sure-footed vocal harmonies of James Trigg and Ramon Wals, which aim to soften even the most beastly dins. Atlanta-based indie label Two Sheds Music -- home to such acts as Hot Young Priest, Silent Kids, Ultrababyfat, and Blake Rainey -- released the album in April 2007.


Jupiter Watts, 2007, Two Sheds Music.
Let it Lie, 2005, Self-released
Short Wave Signals and False Alarms, 2003, Self-released.

All three records have enjoyed airplay on various college radio stations as well as myriad blog sites. Additionally, audio tracks from the new record can be accessed at http://www.myspace.com/jupiterwatts.

Set List

At present, Jupiter Watts are playing sets consisting (mostly) of material from the latest record. However, we occasionally unearth a track from a previous release or a rare cover from time to time, e.g. "Out on the Weekend" by Neil Young or "Tomorrow Never Knows" by The Beatles.