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JuRi's 1st album [Passage],
c&p 2011 Soom Ent/ Distributed by S

- A Spider Swallows the Moon / composer_Changryeol Shin
This song is represented tension of haegeum with musical speech theme as like the cobwebbed spider swallow up the full moon at night. It is also conveyed fantasy feeling with
Ging’s sound (Korean traditional percussion) and Menari-tori (style of Korean eastern folk songs).

- Dancing Sword / composer_ Changryeol Shin
It is comprised of melodious haegeum from Kyunggi-do Danggut, Donghaeangut, with dynamic traditional shamanism beat and variation of rhythm. It is also ended the finale as Sinawi(the improvisation) with haegeum, janggu, bass guitar and acoustic guitar.

- Merry Ostrich / composer_ Hyonjeong Shin
This song is expressed as running ostrich in pure eyes totteringly. It is got round pleasing tension from the Haegeum’s melody and rhythm with the Gayageum.

- Counting Persimmon Flowers / composer_ Hyungsun Ryu
It goes well to play haegeum freely. The accompaniment of Gayageum helps the haegeum to improve. It can be felt emotion of of Gagok(Korean traditional vocal music).

- Reconstituted ‘Yeom-Yang-Chun’ (Beautiful Sunshine Spring)/ arranger_ Younggyu Jang, Juri Kim
Yeom-Yang-Chun is the derived music from traditional vocal music.It is performed orchestral concerto with the Dugue’s accompaniment.



The group consists of professional players of an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar, a Janggu (Korean traditional double-headed drum), percussion and the like focusing Juri Kim as Haegeum player.
It shows world of new sound and in traditional music.
As a Leader in the group, Juri Kim plays lyric expression of the Haegeum powerful and rough melodies. Her evaluation is receiving that she is unique performer who plays the sound change of oriental, western musical instrument like a Janggu and Guitar. The five performances and recently released album JURI’s 1st Passage shows sharp analysis in a wide variety of modern music based on traditional music and not to lose the balance of creative. It was outstanding performances. JurisKuns, own brand of music has secured a wide range of repertoire. Also Performers can play Haegeum that help broaden the range instrument and freely control various volumes of Haegeum tone using effecter. To end up, Haegeum Playing with musical instrument and melody of music, technical limitations opens up new road to the Group.

Juri Kim is also a member of “The Forest, Korean traditional & contemporary music group that has actively pursued popularizing the Korean traditional music. After graduating from Hanyang University and Graduate school, she has attracted attention with her exuberant creation and performances of Haegeum music, as witnessed in “Fishing up Sound in a Desert” in 2006, “Cry of Sorrow” in 2008 , “Pathos” in 2010, “Passage?” in 2011, “Passage?-?” in 2012. With these 5 performances, she also won public favor by presenting deep and prudent music not only through her lyrical, touching, and bittersweet Haegeum tunes, but also through powerful and rough melodies along with experimental challenges using electronic effecters. Juri Kim has continued to connect with the audience through various performances and albums such as The Forest’s Morning Scenery, Pan Project II, Green Circle and JURI’s 1st Passage.

- 2010-12 Selected as Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture’s
- 2008 Selected as Arts Council Korea's
- 2006 Selected as Arts Council Korea's

- Performance for the Korean-Slovak Concert sponsored by Slovak Samsung (Slovak National Theatre, Slovak)
- PDC Pori Dance Festival (Porin Teatterissa , Pori, Finland) - Dance Triennale TOKYO 2012 (Spiral Hall, Tokyo, Japan) - - APMM 2012(UWMF) showcase (Ulsan Culture Art Center, Korea)
- NARU WORLD MUSIC FEST 2012 "JurisKuns Passage" (NARU Culture&Arts Center)

- Performance for the Deoksugung Palace Concert sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports&Tourism

- Traditional & Contemporary group ‘The Forest’ 3rd - Album&Concert Green Circle

- Performance for at Jeong-dong sponsored by Arts Council Korea