Wyandanch, New York, USA
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Good Evening

Written By: J.U.S

I feel a little lost in this club called life. All the people who im with well im with all night. and they with me all the time so yea this all right. I was talking off before so than this all flight. Im saying these my renaissance flows. homie leonardo. making mona lisas far as renaissance goes. I pretend the part no. listen spiiting so effiecient. what im doing on a regular you'd know it if you listen. so so I suggest you take a copy. of the music I'm providing so you know it for they got me. running this game. man the numbers gon' change. and they'll see us moving up. keep it going allways. uh now call the flight attendant over. we 30,000 feet up got a pilot as a chauffeur. when we touch down and party im the youngest in the club. but I still show em wats up. and they cannot get enough. saying encore encore. yeah we want more. while im leaving to a limo out the front door. cause I came there unknown so new. and I show'd em all the reason why its so true. why the people keep on saying that im so nice. who am I to disagree man you so right. so good evening to you homie good night. cause im on my way to living up the good life. and how I know cause thats what everybody telling me. thinking that I'll make it so they saying yo remember me. uh well I can't forget supporters. talking people who were tryna get me known by the repoters and the industry. for all the music I was making. all the news I could be braking. and the ground that I was shaking. up still in my take off phase. but Im ready anytime seeing clear run ways. so we taxing a jet that only steer one way. to the top never stop. we so near some say. uh and now I'm thinking that its true and its seeming consequently thats what overtime will do. man that OT know these lyrics and these flows be. still at the begging. of the life that I'll be living. and its only right we winning. man I'm 16 spitting. crazier and make the hottest 16's sitting. in the studio. making whole tracks too. take over the game on one flight back to. New York City bright lights back views. once I'm running this where ya'll gonna fall back to.