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Jus Boogie... Hott performer Great Artist. His music takes you on a trip though the mind of real man with real issues. Street life, Family life, Christain Life


At a very early age James Taylor Jr., a native of Harlem, New York, was blessed with gifts and talents in music, writing and dance. He began his career in music as a drummer at the young age of four. But amazingly, it was during a freestyle competition his first year at George Washington High School in Spanish Harlem, where JUS BOOGIE was born. It was there that he first discovered his love for rap.

JUS BOOGIE’s rhymes come straight from the gut. His lyrics and music reflect the heart of the streets and the Drew Hamilton projects on 143rd Street and 7th Avenue where he grew up. His story began on the streets of New York City, with a praying grandmother who never gave up on him. She raised him with love and discipline in order to preserve his life. By encouraging him daily and speaking positively into his spirit, she planted seeds of purpose in a young man who seemed to be headed down the wrong road. Fortunately, James was determined to be a person that would make a difference in his life and in the lives of others like him. When James turned eighteen years old, his grandmother suggested the military as the best place for him to make a good life and have a strong future. Not to mention, his ticket out of the rough streets of Harlem. James took her advice and began a career in the Navy, eventually leading him to Virginia Beach, Virginia where he currently resides with his beautiful wife, Jacquelin Taylor and his two lovely children, Julia Elizabeth and James Courtney.

Whether referred to as a poet, lyricist or conscious emcee, it’s obvious that he doesn’t fit in one single label. James (JUS BOOGIE) sums it up best when he explains,“I don’t like to be labeled or put into a box…I’m beyond that…I just keep it real, stay true to the art, who I am and what I know…and do what I love to do…” When asked about his music and his mission, he offered the following: “I love Hip Hop and I serve God so combining the two is natural for me. Young people face a lot of very real challenges and temptations from drugs and violence to the negative images they are bombarded with on TV and in music. I want to be the kind of artist that a kid who loves Hip Hop can turn to for a positive message, while being true to the game. I am not interested in being known as the gospel Jay-Z or some ‘quaint’ alternative. I plan to be the ‘first choice’ for a rap fan. I’m a real Hip Hop artist whose message just happens to be a positive, Christian one.”

JUS BOOGIE has beaten the odds and overcome a life filled with pain, tragedy, poverty and abuse. Pouring his heart and personal experiences into his lyrics, his style and delivery is filled with intensity, passion and an uncompromising yet inspirational message. He is a dynamic and fearless live performer. He has performed and participated in a gamut of concerts, shows and special events all along the east coast. The most memorable to date was his performance at the New York Music Festival in Madison Square Gardens, where he brought down the house and wowed the audience with his free-style ability. JUS BOOGIE has opened for such artists as the critically acclaimed PAJAM artist/writer/producer J.MOSS (RAMIYAH, Trin-i-tee 5:7 and Kelly Price), Holy Hip Hop legends CROSS MOVEMENT, Ty Tribett and national recording artist Martha Munizzi. JUS BOOGIE has had countless performances at several local churches, colleges and universities and many other events.

JUS BOOGIE is the co-founder of New Man Entertainment, along with Prentiss Thompson (PL Sweets) of MF Music Group (Def Jam artist Foxy Brown, Legendary Reggae artist InI Kamoze the “Hott Steppa”, new artist Universal Records James Lee, Rufus Blaq, writer for Angie Stone, Destiny’s Child, B2K, Omarion, Columbia Artist Mista Raja and writer for P.Diddy and Sole). JUS BOOGIE doesn’t just speak positive messages for today’s youth and future generations. He is dedicated to being a positive role model and clean image for others to look up to. He serves faithfully as the Student Ministries Director at Calvary Revival Church (Norfolk, Virginia), led by the Bishop B. Courtney McBath. JUS BOOGIE’s vision: “To win the lost and strengthen the believer.”



Written By: James Taylor Jr. - Prentiss L. Thompson - Jared Minnies


God is in the Building jump and touch the ceiling
Call on Jehovah Christ is taken over

Verse one:

The world don’t wanna hear from me I’m too churchy
I’m on the rumble to humble I know I’m not worthy
Serve thee the truth when I step in the booth
Hit stage, step ta mic child tear off the roof
A hundred proof Yes I’m stronger then a tonic
If ya give me time I’ll spread like bubonic
Make ya jump up and slam like 90,s wit onyx
Make it simple & plain like hooked on phonics
Learn from me… let me tell you my story
I went from grimmy to grimmy to glory to glory
Like shining on Oprah, but startin on Maury
The Black Billy Gram in the form of a rhyme
Winning souls for Christ like Mike in his prime
Gaining ground like Reggie Bush, I’m blowin your mind
So Oh what a feeling what I’m revealing
Jump up and break it down cause God is in the building ohhh

Repeat Hook:

Verse two:

He ain’t contained like four walls or outside like waterfalls
Or frontin wit a collar like he better then all yaw
He inside of those who walkin wit no pride
And drippin wit ambition like they was on the slip & slide
or hanging wit them Vikings who be lovin dem boat rides
or giggle wit wiggle by a lady that so fine nope!!!
He sorta like a rope-a-dope
He lean back for a moment but he comin at cha throat
Choked up on J.C. not on no Jay-z
Instead a fading to black I shine so brightly
Instead of takin a walk he lives inside me
Yep.. Jehovah Jireh fill my cup
Soul like a volcano watch me erupt
Running end to end like Diddy baby get on up
So Oh what a feeling what I’m revealing
Jump up and break it down cause God is in the building ohhh

Repeat Hook:

You don’t want me to party shake my body
Cause every time I do you think it’s so ungodly (repeat 3x)
But could it be I really wanna praise my Lordy
Surely you can baby that a cat like me
Wouldn’t take a risk like this unless it was heavenly
So let you’re your brother go head on
Let your boy get to padeling like Lance Armstrong
Mile and mile them later you can check my file
Don’t produce fruit baby shut me down
Don’t produce fruit baby shut me down
Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t
Don’t produce fruit baby shut me down

Repeat Hook


Aritst: LP: Year:

New Man Ent. MixTape vol 1 2004

Jus Boogie Day ina Life 2005

DJ Lace MixTape #14 2005
Single: I-Yai

James Dewees Coming home 2006
Single: Sho Nuff

Jus Boogie Jesus The Album 2006
release date: 10/31/06

Set List

30 minute set
four - five songs