Jusep Sim

Jusep Sim


A collection of contemporary lullaby songs written with parents in mind. Lyrical and sensitive music written from the heard of a dad.


Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and now calling Toronto, Ontario home, Jusep knew from an early stage of his life that singing would be a central part of who he is. From his first solo at a school pageant when he was 6 years of age to his debut CD “Soft Place To Land”; singing has always been an integral part of his life.

Jusep has studied voice at the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music and at the Claude Watson School for the Performing Arts as a voice major.

Jusep’s television debut was in May of 1999 on his wedding day where he performed a song that he wrote for the special occasion. The wedding and his performance have been seen across Canada on the Life Network (now called Slice) and their wedding can still be seen today throughout Europe on Wedding TV, which is available on Sky Channel 277 and 278.

With many inquiries about recording an album it was not until his wife announced that they were excepting their first child did the inspiration come to hit the recording studio. After months of writing the music and lyrics and countless hours in the recording studio, “Soft Place To Land” was born.

Music that was written with parents in mind but gentle to be suitable for children of all ages. An album written and sung from the heart of a dad.


Soft Place to Land

Written By: Jusep Sim

Soft Place To Land

Verse 1:
You may fall and scratch your knee
Trip and bump your head
To one day have your heart be broken
By words that someone said

I won’t be there wherever you go
I can’t stop all your hurts and pains
But I will always have my arms open wide
To give you kisses again and again

Remember what I tell you
I’m never far away
With shoulders you can lean on
Not needing a word to say

No distance can come between us
No matter what the span
I’ll always be here waiting
As a soft place for you to land

Verse 2:
Reach for the stars, don’t you ever fear
As fragile you may be
From ashes rise, hold back your tears
Look through your daddy’s eyes and see

You are more than you’ll know
A strength for things that others would not dare
Rise up with wings like eagles and fly
Knowing me and mommy are there

I fear that you will fall
Shed a tear that I won’t share
Sitting all alone
And no one with you there

Bedtime is My Favorite Time of Day

Written By: Jusep Sim

Bedtime Is My Favourite Time of Day

Verse 1:
Breakfast time is lots of fun
Play time, naptime too
Making funny faces
Playing peek-a-boo
But no matter how much fun we have
Bedtime is my favourite time of day

Verse 2:
I love to play in the sand with you
Duckies in the tub
Lacing up your booties
To go and play in mud
But no matter what the day will bring
Bedtime is my favourite time of day

From putting on your sleeper
To rock you by your crib
Singing you a lullaby
To tuck you in your bed
In the quiet of the night
I say prayer for you and mommy
Wishing for only happy dreams
That’s why bedtime is my favourite time of day

Verse 3:
Casting all your cares away
Of a day that gently passed
Resting with your blanky
Snuggled in your bed
The lights are down now go to sleep
So tomorrow we can do this all again

Sleep My Sweet

Written By: Jusep Sim

Sleep My Sweet

Verse 1:
The day is now ending, it’s now time for bed
May the clouds be your pillow as you lay your head
The moon as your night light for you not to fear
The stars as your angels to sing in your ear

Moonbeams that shine on your crib while you sleep
With your blanky beside you, to hold and to keep
May you dream of sweet kittens and puppies to care
Dream of your mommy and me with you there

Sleep my sweet baby, my angel, my love
My gift here on earth from heaven above
Sleep my sweet baby, my princess, my dear
To rise in the morning, with me waiting here

Verse 2:
Deep may you sleep with no moments to wake
Sleep through the night, till the morning awake
But if you should rise before the sun should appear
Just give us a wimper and we shall be here

Goodnight my sweet darling its time for goodbye’s
Goodnight to the moon and the stars in the sky
Hold unto your blanky in your warm comfy bed
As I go to sleep dreaming of our next day ahead

Buddy and You

Written By: Jusep Sim

Buddy And You

I have your friend and he’s tired too
He’s in his sleeper and ready like you
To chase pretty rainbows in lands far away
Dancing together in your own ballet

In your dreams find Christmas with presents to get
Where everyone’s happy and no one’s upset
Fly to your castle with your friend with you there
So don’t forget Buddy, your brown teddy bear

He will protect you from nights that are dark
He’ll always be with you on your strolls through the park
Oh what a friend that Buddy has been
That fuzzy little bear with a permanent grin
He’s a great friend, tried and true
Together forever, Buddy and you

Verse 2:
I’ll tuck you both in together in bed
Kisses for Buddy and you on your heads
He will be with you with sweet loving care
Lying beside you, your fuzzy teddy bear

My Dream in You

Written By: Jusep Sim

My Dream In You

Verse 1:
I have climbed to the peaks of mountain
I have swam with the sharks of the sea
Looked in the eyes of a mighty lion
But it’s you that takes my breathe away

I have sailed the great seven seas
Flown through the clouds in the sky
Seen beauty that stops my heart from beating
But it’s you that takes my breathe away

I want to be your shelter from the rain
The rock to set your feet upon
The silver in your clouds
The anchor that holds you through the storm
This will be the man I’ll be for you

May you dream impossible dreams
Hope beyond imagination
Chase the enchanted and follow your own heart
To be the man you’re destined to be

Verse 2:
Will you climb to peaks of mountains
To fly through the clouds in the sky
Have a girl that takes your breathe away
But until that day I have this dream for you


2007 - Soft Place To Land (Album)

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