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Many names, many styles, one man...JUSKOLMEAL



Are you ready for a rapper that is 100% hardcore gangster, writing 16 bars at a time explaining the process of being a street criminal to becoming a pawn for the major labels. Are you ready for a rapper that embodies the street look, and keeps it gulley in every interview no matter TV, radio, or print? Are you looking for a rapper that has simple concepts, with simple ideas to entertain an audience for the moment? If so you’re not ready for JUSKOLMEAL.

JUSKOLMEAL (pronouced jus call me al) is a true disciple of the hip hop culture. He is an individual that has the love for the music and the movement, and wants to make a mark that will last a lifetime, not a moment. He is a veteran of being a DJ at parties, and on college radio. He’s an accomplished producer for himself and others in his clique, and one of the hottest mc’s of stage, studio, and freestyle battles. JUSKOLMEAL has experiences of being in the streets; however he is a true musician capable of designing cuts for everyone within the hip hop community. Being raised in Roosevelt, L.I. a rough suburb outside of NYC has taught JUSKOLMEAL many lessons, and helps give him the confidence, and know how to attack the industry in a very aggressive manner.

JUSKOLMEAL is one of the hottest artists under the radar. He combines great concepts, a strong direct flow and delivery. JUSKOLMEAL is an artist that believes in creating projects that will entertain not only the average hip hop enthusiast, while JUSKOLMEAL says, “I love the hood, I respect the streets, however I’m here to entertain all. I don’t care about color, or region in this world, JUSKOLMEAL wants to express his style the world.” So remember if you’re looking for a rapper that has strong lyrical skill, creative concepts, and willing to entertain all from near to far, look no further:

JUSKOLMEAL is here!!!!


JUSKOLMEAL has participated in countless showcases, open mics, and talent shows and is now ready to expose his talents to a world wide audience for all to enjoy. His first project “The Self Help Album” is a strong collection of work that will enlighten, make you dance, and just thoroughly entertain. The cut “Rock On” is a true club anthem, equipped with heavy ass bouncing bass, and smooth lyrics proven to entice that lady for after the party. JUSKOLMEAL shows his diversity with songs like “FLO”, and “Student of the month”. These tracks highlight why he loves this game, and his influences that keep him stable from day to day. On the tracks “Where we at”, and “Move the crowd” JUSKOLMEAL is bringing pure heat to any rapper that tries to challenge him line for line.