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"Best Rapper"

Jus Mic
When it comes to unsigned Cleveland rappers, there's Jus Mic, and then there's everybody else. And they're so far away from Jus Mic, he deserves his own area code. Most rhymers are stuck playing the game by somebody else's rules: They pour time and energy into mixtapes that sound like shitty records from a third-string member of the Wu-Tang family. With a flow like Nas coupled with a sometimes-demented mind borrowed from Eminem, Jus Mic is a 26-year-old rapper-singer-songwriter who's slowly but steadily working on his solo debut; it's an actual album filled with real songs. "You'll never Know" suggest he could be huge if he could only carry a tune. Still, he flexes both a soulful croon and storytelling skills in "My Last Day of School," an oddly touching story of a neglected high-school loser who's pushed too far, with grim results. Jus Mic isn't a player, he's a winner.

Scene magazine - Scene Magazine


Recently did a Cd Sampler with Mick Boogie and Terry Urban self titled.

Jus Mic



JUS - 26 yr old Rapper/Singer/Songwriter

It’s not about making money or faking an image. It’s about leaving your mark on this Earth before your time is finished.” These are the words of Cleveland, Ohio native Jus Mic, also known as Mikel Mahoney. With the hopes of reaching a diverse market of people who desire to make a change, this lyrically inclined, politically aware, talented and insightful artist has a passion power and desire to evoke a change in the minds of his audience.

Born May 19, 1982, Jus Mic began his quest for transformation through musical expression at the age of 20. Both versatile and intelligent among other things, he is an actor, singer, rapper and poet. From having hosted a local television show to being invited to perform on the nationally syndicated Russ Par morning show back to school jam, Jus Mic is certainly making his mark around his home town and abroad.

With the wisdom and knowledge instilled in him from family members and personal life altering experiences, his songs present themselves as a speech put to music. Intending to reach those who have a desire to make a change, Jus Mic understands and respects the power of music to do just that. Having used music as a means of overcoming personal obstacles his lyrics have the ability to uplift, offend, encourage, anger, inform and heal it’s listeners.

Jus Mic has been inspired by such artists as Stevie Wonder Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Common, Mos Def, The Roots, John Mayer, James Taylor, Michael Jackson, Big L, Nas and John Legend to name a few. He describes himself as a biracial individual of African American and Italian descent who is simple, artistic, creative, politically aware and insightful, having a desire duty and commitment to make a change.

Jus Mic has been making his mark in Cleveland over the last few months. He has been doing local shows with incredible feedback from local fans and fellow artists. He has been featured in Scene Magazine's "The Best of Cleveland" as "Best Rapper"! He also was in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and on Cleveland.com. The New Music Seminar is coming to Cleveland and held a contest for local Cleveland artists to win a trip to New York to meet with labels and different A&R's which he had won. Jus has been making his mark and been featured on three Mick Boogie and Terry Urban mixtapes, be on the look out!!