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Look up the true definition of the word Grind, and you will see Jus Rolle’s picture all over it. He is one of the hardest working unsigned artist with the passion to rise to the top of his career


Born and raised in the Bronx, Jus Rolle (Ro-Lay) established his love for music at the early age of seven when he first began developing his style of rhyme and performance on and off the streets. He has nurtured his style into a diverse, dynamic and unique sound that enabled him to perform in local neighborhood shows in and around the Bronx, to shows in Albany, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Virginia and LA. Jus has graced the stages of high school auditoriums to concert halls and arenas, which led him to opening shows for artists such as Nas, Jadakiss, Dj Unk and HOT97’s own Fat Man Scoop, just to name a few.

Jus’ style has been widely recognized by many experienced individuals in the music industry including producers such as Soul Diggaz, who have produced records for Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliot. Charlemagne who has produced for Jay-Z, Talib Kweli and the Notorious B.I.G. As well as Brandon Howard, who has credited tracks for Gerald Levert, Ney- Yo, Lupe Fiasco and Marques Houston. Look up the true definition of the word Grind, and you will see Jus Rolle’s picture all over it. He is one of the hardest working unsigned artist with the passion to rise to the top of his career, and that was proven when Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box and hot 97 named Jus Rolle as the Grind Artists of the Month. Jus Rolle has his hold on the music industry and is determine to reach the world through his music. A true entrepreneur and businessman, Jus is also determine to open the doors for other talented artist through his multifaceted entertainment company Micheck Entertainment Inc (MCE), which operates in three major markets and is co-owned by his business partner D. Peppers.

With various media attention from TV programming on Music Choice, radio in several major markets, Magazine write ups to online exposure on iTunes, Jus has created a heavy buzz through effective marketing and promotion which led his DVD, “Til Death Do Us” (which features an autobiography on the up-and-coming rapper) to gain national acceptance. He has also gained exposure with numerous mix-tapes throughout the world, In addition to many other projects including “The Impossible” and “The Game Is Over” Mix tapes. With so much talk about the MC from the Bronx spreading around the entertainment industry, Heavy Hitter DJ C-Lo teamed up with LDR to produce Jus Rolle’s latest Mix Tape “Open For Business Part 1” which has already gained exposure and praise by music industry professionals. Jus, along with his management team, has effectively developed a core market base in New York, Miami and Dallas with support markets in Las Vegas, North & South Carolina, Los Angeles and Canada which will help launch his sophomore DVD “The Transition Of Jus Rolle” due out later this year.

The energetic and explosive stage presence of Jus Rolle immediately hypes the audience for an unforgettable performance. His ability to take control of the stage, the people, and the Mic as he rips through beats and the rhythms of his songs is what you call “pure entertainment”. He grabs the attention of his audience with his talent and smooth lyrical flow. His audience interaction is tantalizing and keeps them on their feet rocking to the last bar. In short, Jus Rolle is quickly becoming a household name. His style, his flow and his stage presence has what it takes to bring the game back to Hip-Hop.


Current New Single "Off Da Hook"

Open For Business Part 1 Mixtape Featuring Heavy Hitter C-Lo and LDR

DVD Autobiography "Till Death Do Us"

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Artist is flexible upon request on sets