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JusRyan aka (Tap Tap) started his music career at the young age of 13, performing on various local projects in his home town of Tacoma WA; a suburb of Seattle. Due to his father being a producer and musician, JusRyan grew up in studios of all sizes. Developing his craft as an Artist and Producer, his own crafted lyrics and tracks evolved into his first album titled “The Suburbanite Album” released on Lynx Records in the summer of 2005. The album broke new ground and cemented his place in the Hip Hop community. With a number #12 club hit in the Northwest region and performing in many shows including, "The Hot Imports Night Car Shows" (Seahawk Stadium) "The Red Hook Concerts" and "The MLK Celebration" (Tacoma Dome) each with over 2000 in attendance, he excited audiences near and far. The new single is a combination of hard work over the past year recording a New Album, the single Rozay & Games features a very talented Artist named "Mikey" now climbing the clubs and radio charts !!


RoZay And Games

Written By: jusRyan,Michael heid,Tyrone bradley

Rozay And Games
Featuring Micheal Heids

Produced by : LYNX/JusRyan/Elder Q
Written By: JusRyan/Michael Heid/T.Bradley

I see shortee chilling and making a million
She said put them cuffs on her wrist
Cuz surely she be killing
Every competition
Stands right
And she be standing there left
They can't hold candle to her swag
Faces be looking like scared test
you says he jealous but you know that the dudes wrong
Cuz it ain't my fault that niggas lazy ass like a futon
They salads , no croutons
They rap with no new songs
She's says strapped all the time
Wearing her ass with no two thongs

I'm not beefing why hate tho
They change shape like that play doh
Only reason why she talk to you is becuz I say so
So we chill we party we pop bottle in lobby's


I got the bottle full of rozay I
Can't say I play games
Need you in my life more then you'll ever know
And If some time really goes by
I I keep thinking bout you all night I
Need you in my life more then I'll ever know
And what you do
It got me in the mood
Jus the way you groove
Shaking that ass on the air
All night
We jus may take flight
Please tell me that you won't bite

2nd Verse

Baby What you say
Momma told me you were dangerous
No bobby bushay

Body like a Barbie
Get in my fararri
Yeah we switching lane
No time for a sorry
No forgiveness
No time for games

We In the city
Getting it litty
She says she got friend to show me
Her Kitty
They call me - call me bad boy
Aka Diddy
Cuz this girl show nothing but hey damn

She says she wanna get wit me
Be on tabloids like Bobby and Whitney
I could prolly retired they way that she tips me
Got a full bottle I love the way she sips me


Rozay and Games (Single) Spring 2017

Set List

The typical set is 20 to 30 mins long -- all originals