Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FRA

"Brazilian jazz singer, Jussanam, has an uncanny ability to induce transnational collaboration... Her second album, ‘Rio/Reykjavík’, was released to high acclaim. Jussanam’s band features Icelandic musicians and welcomes the summer with warm, sexy beats from Rio." (Newspaper Reykjavik Grapevine-SS)


Jussanam is a Brazilian Jazz Singer from Rio de Janeiro- Brazil. She lived in Iceland from 2008 to 2013 where she became notorious. She became Icelandic Citizen in 2011 due her artistics habilities and moved to South of France in 2013. Actually she lives in Cannes where she performs with her French Band

2018 she produced  a concert singing Josephine Baker, the concert had it's premiere au Theatre de Cannes- Theatre Alexandre III. She is invited to MIDEM 2018 as a SPEAKER independent artist, she has 5 of her songs selected by the USA reverbnation auditors.

2017 she was finalist in 3 Jazz Festivals contest in France, including the Nice Jazz Festival.

Her first CD Ela Carioca was produced by herself in Iceland with songs by Tom Jobim and released in 2009. Her musical work have been getting excelent critics. Sold out.

The CD Rio/Reykjavk is the second CD of Jussanam recorded in Iceland and produced by herself. Sold out.

Her CD Band is composed by known and respected Icelandic Jazz musicians.

The CD RIO/REYKJAVK released in 30/11/2012 is bringing some songs written by herself in partnership with musical composers from Iceland, Sweden and USA, also a mix of Jazz classics from Rio-Brazil (Bossa Nova by Tom Jobim) and from Iceland ( Jazz by Jn Muli) and one Icelandic famous Pop song with Bossa Nova rythmic and Portuguese lyrics.

The CD Rio / Reykjavik recorded in live,mixing Jazz, Bossa Nova and Pop with jazz touch, the mix of Nationalities on it and her very personal interpretations makes it one that you must hear!

She have been performing in all most importants Jazz Festivals in Iceland, destac for Reykjavik Jazz Festival in 2009, RIFF 2011 and in Kalmar Festival 2010-Sweden.

Her Nordic Tour 2012 (August/September), approved and supported by the Nordic Culture Fund involved: Sweden (Stockholm and Gothemburgo), Denmark (Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo), Finland (Helsink) and Iceland (Selfoss, Borganes, orlakshfn, Hfn) and it was well suceeded.

Her New Band in France - Jussanam Quintet

Jussanam Voice

Eros Cordogli - Piano

Georges Ferrero - Bass

Luciano Dantas - Percussion

Cedric Le Donne - Drums

Jussanam Duo

Jussanam and Pierre Palvair- Voice and Guitar

Jussanam and Georges Ferrero - Voice and Guitar

Jussanam and Eros Cordogli - Voice and Piano

Jussanam Trio

Jussanam , Pierre Palvair and Cedric Le Donne - Voice, guitar and drums

Jussanam, Pierre Palvair and Nicolas Castagnola - Voice, piano and percussion

Jussanam, Georges Ferrero, Luciano Dantas

Jussanam, Eros Cordogli, Cedric Le Donne


-CD Rio / Reykjavik - released 30/11/2012

-Single - "You can count on me because I am a woman" Music and Lyrics by Harald Erici and Jussanam - for the UN-Women in Iceland campaign 2011. www.cdbaby.com/cd/jussanam2

-CD Ela Carioca - released 2009

Set List

Songs by the  CD Rio/Reykjavik 

Songs from the CD Ela Carioca

MPB and Bossa Nova Classics