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"Jussy - Jussy (2012)"

Jussy are a NYC-based collaboration of minds between a noted guitar whiz (Horse) and an accomplished poet, spoken-word performer and vocalist (Anibal). This self-titled album is a lengthy, varied affair, running over 75 minutes over 24 tracks. The band's bio describes Jussy as "shred-pop" and, although I've never experienced the sound before (or the band has just invented it themselves, which wouldn't surprise me) I can't think of a better term for the sound. The combination of pop, hip-hop and emo tendencies of songwriting and lyrics, combined with the metal-edged guitar generously laced in every track makes for an extremely different experience. Different from the norm of pop, and the norm of metal, relatively speaking.

A full listen to Jussy can be a challenge, but generally speaking, the 24 tracks flow into one another nicely. The true brilliance of this project is how well the electronic backround beats and grooves mesh with Horse's aggressive guitar work. The diversity in songwriting ability is another plus, as the duo broaden their horizons with pure pop, darker ambient pieces, emotive passages and the occasional "out of left field" moment, like the sophomoric "Checkout Line of Kmart Girl" and the laughable western spirit of "The Lemonade Song". There is no doubt this partnership is effective, and in certain instances it could even be said they are a breed apart from today's by-the-numbers pop music. But, what plagues the record is the same thing that sets it apart; it is going to either be loved or loathed. I can't imagine many finding the same sort of middle ground as I, and that is not ego talking. I can appreciate the effort and imagination, but I have a hard time enjoying the results as this is, very simply, not my thing.

But, that doesn't mean it won't be yours. Jussy's website contains numerous samples, a low-key promo video and some interview information, all of it entertaining. For those not afraid of an adventure with their pop music fix, and of true independently cultivated music, Jussy has a literal buffet of goodies for you here. Do bring an open mind, because no matter how far I would have gone to define their sound, words wouldn't be able to do the entire record justice. At the very least, it's a memorable journey. - Music Emissions


Part One
Part Two
Part Three



Jussy = Horse + Anibal

Horse: Guitarist, winner of Steve Vai Best In Shred Contest, and opened for Vai. Finalist of Judas Priest-judged Shred the Web II Contest.

Anibal: Vocalist with poetry published on Barnes & Noble shelves.