Just. is a 4 piece rock band that uses melody and emotional lyrics to separate themselves from the 'cookie cutter' alternative scene of today. Drawing comparisons to Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and the Foo Fighters-Just. will continue to mature and become as unique as their influences.


Just. is a Baltimore, MD 4 piece alternative pop rock band creating songs about moments in life that change us. Drawing comparisons to artists from Radio Head and Coldplay to Sunny Day Real Estate and the Foo Fighters. The three core members of Just. have prided themselves on staying true to this concept since their musical relationship began in 1995. Over the years they’ve worked hard to develop a sound that doesn’t sacrifice integrity for cookie cutter radio pop, but rather blends catchy hooks with mature arrangements that appeal to mainstream ear while still holding on to the honesty and credibility lacking in so much of modern music.

Formed in the Spring of 2005 after an old demo sparked new interest from an up and coming producer, Thom Harig ( vocals/ guitar), Jaycen Culp (Bass) and Todd Grady (Drums) decided to reform and once again take on the task to create music that had once gained them major label interest, with the intention of writing music that will not be victimized by today’s trends.

Recorded in the late winter / early spring of 2006, Isolated Incidents is a collection of songs that reflect on moments in life that change us all. With personal yet universal lyrics that don’t alienate the audience, songs such as “Red Cape” and “Guinevere” combine a high level of emotional intensity within a polished pop sound that is radio ready.

Just. continues to create new music and play in and around the Baltimore area, drawing more people to each show. Backed by a powerful, energetic and interactive stage show, Just. has begun to take its foothold in the Baltimore scene where the only place to go is up.

Contact Information:
Thom Harig
(410) 766-8645
429 3rd Avenue SW
Glen Burnie, MD 21061



The Guinevere EP (2005)
Isolated Incidents EP (2006)

Set List

Red Cape
What I Want
Angel's Face
In a Fit
Day the World Began
A Lull in Progress
Wayward Satellite
In the Atmosphere
Song 11
just (cover)
That thing you do (cover)
Talk Show Host (cover)
High and Dry (cover)