Just Add Water

Just Add Water

 Clear Lake, Iowa, USA

An alternative act that looks to retain the roots of good songwriting in rock through soulful lyrics and powerful chord progressions.


The songs all are part of me and are all personal experiences or philosophies on life, politics or even love. My influences as far as the music is concerned are Jimmy Eat World, Empires, Don McLean, Clair De Lune, The Gaslight Anthem, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Iron and Wine and Eric Whiticre. The tone of the lyrics stems from the conflict of trying to move forward whilst hung up on the past.


A Prevailing Past - Just Add Water

Set List

Our setlist changes on our moods, and our repertoire is very large with covers. The sets can last from a half hour to three and a half hours.

We prefer to play almost all original songs, but can play many covers.

The original songs are preferably off of our album

My typical repertoire that isn't my own consists of songs from alternative bands like The Gaslight Anthem and Jimmy Eat World, among others. But we aren't afraid to throw in old classics from the Animals and the Kinks.