Justafied 5:9 (of New Genesyss)

Justafied 5:9 (of New Genesyss)

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Bold reps for Christ who are not ashamed to proclaim the name of Jesus. (pictured from l to r : Masta Mind, 4:13, Nova, Tha Jesta, & Upsilon (Epiphany not pictured)


Coming from Rom. 5:9, these bold soldiers know they are justified by the blood of Christ. They make up 1/5 of the Memphis based Christian supa-group New Genesyss. Masta Mind (the messenger), Tha Jesta (acts a fool 4 the Lord), 4:13 (can do all things through Christ), Nova (the light), & Upsilon (excellence) make up Justafied 5:9 & they also feature a young lady: Epiphany (who reveals the truths of God).
Their ministry has allowed them to share the stage w/ such artists as Tonex, Cross Movement, W.A.R. Klick, Mysticc London, Canton Jones, Mr. Del, Grits, Corey Red & Precise, Breathe Easy, Corp 1, Truth, Pam & Dodi, Virtue, Flame, and Darell Pettis & S.I.P. They have ministered at the K97.1 & Hot 107.1 Summer Jams (both secular concerts hosted by secular radio stations in Memphis, TN; & featuring secular artist). They have also had God's grace to minister at a popular night club (Denim & Diamonds in Memphis, TN), and they did not compromise the message & gospel of Christ, despite only being 16-17 years of age & surrounded by sin. Now 17-18 years of age, their ministry has taken them across the U. S.
They have an E.P. to their credit, titled "Da Double Dose" (with R.E.V., also of New Genesyss), & a maxi-single entitled "Lost My Mind." They are featured heavily on the Otha Psyde ( pronounced: Other Side) Mix Tape Vol. 3. Look for them on the New Genesyss Compilation entitled "Insurrection" in December and their solo debut "Paradox" sometime in early 2005.
This is an anointed group, and they are a blessing to all who hear them.


2003: Otha Psyde Mix Tape Vol. 3 (feat. on 6 Tracks)
2003: Holy South Devastation (feat. on 4 tracks)
2002: Alphalex: Long Time Coming (feat. on 2 tracks)
2002: Da Double Dose (w/Rev of New Genesyss) (feat. on 6 tracks)
2001: Holy South: Tha Movement (underground version) (feat. on 1 track)

Set List

Sets usually last about 10-12 minutes. Songs are usually four minutes each.
Lost My Mind 4:00
Da Rapture 3:50
Da Judgement 4:50