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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Latin Funk


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"JLB Gangsta Smooth Jazz Album Review"

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JLB “Gangsta Smooth Jazz”
No CommentsPosted 19 Apr 2010 in Album Reviews

Just a Lil Bit is just enough of all the things that make music feel right: proper sound quality, a sense of humor, vocalists who can sing and have distinct voices, relevant and relatable lyrical content, and maybe most important – real musicians. Don’t let the album title fool you: Gangsta Smooth Jazz is not CD101.9 meets Suge Knight (scary!). But it’s more of a reminder that gangstas need love too. Think Sir Luscious Left Foot, Bootsy Collins and Brand New Heavies-type love. What’s really refreshing about the band and their debut full-length album is that they are convincing. Each song and it’s parts felt true to the musicians who jammed them. Just a Lil Bit feels and sounds like real people playing real music, honestly. My favorite tracks: JLB Theme, Soul Sexy, Like a Rockstar and I Wanna Know. And the JLB Outro was just right. Rock on ya’ll.

Track listing:

1. Gangsta Smooth Jazz feat Scrap Daddy
2. 2 Minutes
3. The Best
4. JLB Theme Song
5. Pleasant Pieces
6. Soul Sexy
7. 540
8. Like a Rockstar
9. If I Was Your
10. I Wanna Know
11. JLB Outro

You can sample and purchase the album @ DiGSTATION
- DMMCompany

"Gangsta Smooth Jazz"

Good Morning & Day to the folks of T.U.M.S....and welcome back. Here is an intriguing new jazz release, from an independent group of musicians who wanted to add a little twist, perhaps a bit of spice to the place mat - smooth jazz. They added some serious urban jazz funk and lots of personality. Song samples are available at either CDBaby or Digstation . The groups' name is Just a Lilbit and the name of the release is called "Gangsta Smooth Jazz". Here is a short bio about the them: - Urban Music Scene

"Angela Pryor interview with Just a LilBit"

JUST A LILBIT: Artist Spotlight

From time to time I like to give shout outs to musicians whose work I love! However, on rare occasions I get to showcase talented musicians I know and love. This is one of those such occasions...

I was 1st acquainted with, the band, 'Just A LilBit' back in May of 2007 , in a little NJ hot spot named Makedas.
Just A LilBit's musical talent, energy and chemistry with each other & the crowd, was electrifying. They possessed this a crazy commitment to keep the crowd engaged & aroused as they made love to & through their music. It was truly a unique experience that tingled the senses... and it's one I'd like to share with you.


It was a lovely soulful evening filled with poised excitement. I was about to virtually sit down with The Quinster to talk about Just A LilBit. A sexy compilation of their original songs set the mood as creativity filled the air. The interview was going to be hot, undaunted by this cold December's eve. Let us begin:

Question: Who is 'Just a LilBit'?
Answer: We are diverse group of individuals from different places that all have the same goals and destiny. Just a LilBit believes in having a good time no matter what! That's what the music is about, you know... If you had a crappy day oh well may as well not dwell on it try 2 be happy! And some joy and inspiration is sneaked in there too.

Question: When & How did you all meet?
Answer: A majority of the band (keys, sax, percussion) met and played together while we were in college. Berklee College of Music in Boston back in 1996. Ej was the 1st to move to NYC, then Quin. Quin moved, hooked up with EJ, Mo, Moreno and started writing the hits ur already know and love.

Question:How long have y'all been creating together?
Answer: I'd say that's a tough one because we have over a ten year history. Hmmm it's been like 2 years officially though.

Question: Just a lilbit of what?
Answer: (lol) drinking, smoking, late bills, oh wait u mean music LOL ! Sexy soul, fiery latin, dirty crunk, hint of rock, and a touch of jazz. Just a lilbit of everything you want love and probably don't get enough of.

Question: How would you describe your style?
Answer: Not your average, cookie cutter let's get together and jam BS. Next level, let's party, let get crunk, and let's make magic.

"Creative is doing your own thing and not worrying about what others think..."

Question:What artists have you been listening to over the past month?
Answer: Sy Smith, Bebel Giberto, Scareface, Goodie Mobb, old school house, DJ Screw, John Coltrane, Hank Mobely, Herbie Hancock, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeplin, Frank Zappa. I love Beady Belle and Nancy Wilson, James Brown, Sam Cooke, classic r&b, classic rock, Rage Against the Machine, local gospel drummers from Baltimore, Earth Wind and Fire, The Dells, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Cameo, Prince and the Revolution, Nirvana, AC~DC, the Raconteurs, Mike Smith, Chris Dave, John Mayer, Max Roach, Buddy Rich, D'angelo. I'll stop there. Hopefully you get the direction that I'm going.

Question: Who are your greatest influences?
Answer: Earth Wind and Fire, Santana, Giovanni Hidalgo, there isn't one person in particular; too much good music out there. My band mates are some of my greatest influences. They push me to be the best at what it is I am trying to do If I really had to narrow it down though I would say my very 1st teacher in Chicago IL Don Skoog he made learn my instrument in totality: the history, how am adding on to it, and that its future is only limited by where I decide to take it.

Question: What do you consider to be Creative? Soulful? & Sexy?
Answer: Creative is doing your own thing and not worrying about what others think about what it is your doing. That's how anything that becomes hot ever does. Soulful and sexy are the outcome you (get when) one's confidently doing his or her own thang!

Question: Which one are you?
Answer: More soulful than sexy any day because I am always in my own head thinking about the music and how it may affect people. But I'd say I'm easy on the eyes :-) too.

"...Just a lilbit of everything you want, love and probably don't get enough of..."

Question: What are some of your upcoming events & projects?
Answer: Currently working on an ep featuring our own compositions, as well as a couple of our favorite covers. We have a show coming up at Groove (NYC) this Saturday, December 13th from 6-9pm. Come to that show and you'll get a real taste of what Just a LilBit is 'all' about!

- Angela Pryor


Gangsta Smooth Jazz



A musical phenomenon was born in the heart and mind of LaQuin Lay on August 11, 2006. His goal was to provide a diverse live music experience. LaQuin also felt the need for the music to connect with and reflect the thoughts and feelings of regular working folk. The Band Just a LilBit consists of seven musicians who share a love for music that comes from the heart and soul. Individually, each of these masterful musicians has achieved great levels of success. From television appearances, solo album recordings, film scoring, overseas touring, and multiple collaborations with recording industry professionals, JLB's members have amassed a great deal of experience. As a unit these seven musicians fuse together in such a way that you will find yourself tapping your feet and dancing out of your seat to unique sounds of funk, soul, reggae, latin, rock, and house music all night long. While very aware of Mainstream Top 40 hits, JLB also strives to entertain with a unique brand of original music. One of the bands mantras is "When it's good all you need is Just a LilBit".Currently Just a LilBit has released their debut album entitled "Gangsta Smooth Jazz". Be on the look out for this fresh new sound coming to a stage and festival near you!