Just Another Dylan

Just Another Dylan


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The Rest

Written By: Dylan Scroggins

We had to kill Jesus, to hold my brothers from trees
My father's fault, I take full blame but my hands are clean

Everyone's daddy's a drinker, but mine was sober as sin
Speaking of the devil that's what he was - Am I anything like him?

We had to kill Jesus, to lock my brothers in chains
My mother must've done him wrong for me to not see the change

The people self-ordained her, a saint wasn't what she was.
How could a woman do what she did, did just what she does

We had to kill Jesus, and forgive him for our sins
Though I am only just a child, I'm as guilty as them

Raised in the very left corner, asleep but dead in the flesh
I'll admit I'm a slave to the Lord, and he's coming for the rest