Just Another Snake Cult

Just Another Snake Cult


A unique lo-fi psychedelic art-pop aesthetic that has drawn comparisons to Ariel Pink crossed with Brian Wilson. Dynamic live show combines art performance elements with home-studio techniques.


Just Another Snake Cult was born when in 2010 Þórir Bogason ("Thor") holed up for the winter in a small apartment above a noodle shop in downtown Reykjavík. Within a few months he had written and recorded an entire album's worth of material, layering track over track to create a lush Phil Spector-like wall-of-sound indie-pop. That full-length, The Dionysian Season, was released in Iceland by Brak Records to rave reviews in the national press and earned the band a nomination for Best Newcomer in the Icelandic Music Awards.

Following the album's release Thor threw together various backing groups to perform the material off the album on various international tours and and at a number of festival appearances. The band evolved into a 9-person psychedelic pop ensemble, and they performed sessions for KEXP, The Line of Best Fit, and La Blogotheque, along with opening for a whos-who of Icelandic bands -- including Of Monsters and Men, Sóley, Mugison, Gus Gus, Ólafur Árnalds, Oyama, Hjáltalín, Ásgeir Trausti, Retro Stefson.

In 2012 Þórir stripped the project back to its basics, and recorded a limited-edition EP of minimal dream-pop entitled Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night. He toured California solo in support of its release.

Returning to Iceland after that tour, Thor holed up in a cabin in the countryside to write new material. Thor collaborated with the band's string section to develop a new live show based around exploring the possibilities in bringing the home recording studio to the stage, while adding an emphasis on performance. They debuted their new set at the Iceland Airwaves 2012 festival, to great audience response. They are currently completing recordings of this new material, in talks with labels, and planning their next international tour.


Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere?

Written By: Þórir Bogason

Hearing songs from a time that got away
I remember your eyes, and I think about you --
a shining star in a world going all wrong

So we're still friends,
or so I feign, I just pretend
but your memory still keeps me company

We drift apart like seeds from the same tree
Where are you now? Do you ever think of me?
I still hope to hear from you one day

So we're still friends
or so I feign, I just pretend
but your vision still haunts me too this day

Have you seen this girl anywhere?

It would be so nice to hear about your life
It would be so nice to hear that you're alright
It would be so nice to hear what's on your mind
It would be so nice just to hear you're still alive

I've since resigned to stow such dreams away
You live your own life
and I try to live mine
as best as I can do anyway

Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night

Written By: Þórir Bogason

We fell in love under the moon
while a shadow's creeping
from behind a house he's watching

We fell in love under the moon
he followed you here
he's pining for your heart

when you left in the dark
I curled up on the floor
and stayed up til dawn broke
what kind of creature are you?

I waited for you
went back when I heard you sing my name
but the moon as gone now
it was dark and you never came

but birds carried your song
through the night

to where we fell in love under the moon
that cold dark evening
with the broken heart watching

us fell in love, pulled by the moon
a dark hole forming
our friends all disappearing

as birds carried your song
through the night

birds carried your song
through the night


- Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night, limited edition cassette EP (Off Tempo, 2012)
- Lost in the Dark, mini-EP (self released, 2012)
- The Dionysian Season, full-length CD (Brak Records, 2010)
- Split EP cassette tape with James Rabbit (Wizards of the Ghost, 2010)
- Ghosts EP (self-released demo EP, 2011)
- Experiments in Bedroom Pop (self-released/MP3 series, ongoing)