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Decatur, Georgia, United States

Decatur, Georgia, United States
Hip Hop Soul




"Justa Jammin' : Innerview With Justa Sol"

CCC: How does the 'Change is Cool' ccconcept relate to your life as an artist and as a Sol?

Justa Sol: well...to put it simply... my life is constantly changing..and at times in my life eye would fight some of that change...but as eye have gotten wiser...im learning that change all change is cool and has made me who eye am and will ever be...and as far as being an artist and sayin change is cool..is like sayin eye can be spiritual and jammin AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!! and also helping others see that this kinda music is dope too...not just the industry standard music...

CCC: At the same. damn. time. that's what's good. How do you feel your evolution as an artist has an effect on your personal life and vice/versa?

JS: hmm... eye would say that it has made be more discreet with what eye let into my mind and body... because eye can only make music about what eye know and am intune with...so from my circle of friends...to the books eye read...to the food eye eat... its all apart of the master plan of masterin the self and reality! digg?

CCC: definitely digg the dopeness...we know you've worked on some projects with cccollective brother, Jason Sketcher X Collins. What is it like working with him and putting your own artistic skills to work on this project? [Justa Sol cccreated the front cccover of his album]

JS: lol...workin with sketcher x is like working with myself... we just feed off of eachother and make it happen... we usually dont even know where we gonna start...we just start and before u know it...something dope has been born! and if u ever get a chance to kick it with him at his crib u gonna digg the whole atmosphere ...its like being on a mushroom trip! definitely stimulating!

Justa Sol

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CCC : lol @ shroom trip...This is an album with beats exclusively produced by Jones Revolutionary, another brother to the CCC. How does Jones' cccreativity give you the artistic space to express your own?

JS: jones uses alot of samples str8 from wax! he keeps its retro and soulful at the same time...if that makes sense... eye get alot of inspiration from the way he puts the production together...and he always stays on me...like callin me every day, just to see what progress has been made on my end...and thats what eye call a true partner...keeps you motivated and jammin at the same time! look out for more JR and JS collabos!

CCC: that's a beautiful thing. to have that kind of partnership with a producer. one more. this one is not made up. one we have begun to ask artists we interview for the site. What effect, do you think, does changing a ccculture's women have on that ccculture as a whole?*

JS: the way eye see it...nothing can be without the creative inner-g of the woman... and if we treating our women like shit...then we create a shitty future for ourselves... but if we treat our women like the queens and creative goddesses they are...we will a more abundant and loving reality... so eye speak to women as a whole with upliftment because eye wanna make sure the forthcoming generations have that abundance of love, respect, royalty and loyalty to all our kind...and when eye say kind...eye mean human kind...

CCC: Anything else you want to tell the people?

JS: yah... be peaceful in all your approaches... know that everyting is automatic...follow the path of least resistance and keep in mind that everything on your mind is what u bring into your reality! and if u dont like what is in your reality...change your mind and watch it all become cccool...

CCC: :) that's beautiful...Thanks for your time, Justa Sol!

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The name given to him at birth was Tristian, but today he is Justa Sol. Raised in Decatur, Ga by his mother and grandparents, Sol did not realize how much of a creator he was then, "They called me a child prodigy.". He realized his passion to create music at the age of 16, "We recorded in my closet with a regular Dell PC and dynmamic microphone. I rapped about the usual things teenagers at that time found entertaining". It took a while for him to realize he really wasn't the usual artist, but more of an introvert that thought about alot more things than he rapped about. He, then decided to stop "crippling" himself creatively, and became a solo artist. He's changed his name a couple of times; "I went from from Slik-T, Hasani Neter, Tristian Slik, and then finally I realized I was was Justa Sol."