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Just B

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An artist who belives in quality first, Just B is known for his live performances and high level of freestyle skill. He has also been known to expose some of his more conscious sides leaving him as a very well rounded emcee.


As one of Canada’s own, Just B is set to make his mark on world wide hip hop. From humble beginnings in Northern B.C. to collaborations with the likes of Moka Only and DJ Vadim this man's goal of creating conscious, quality music has never wavered. Well versed in the arts of battling, writing and producing, Just B brings a full arsenal of skills to the table. The most apparent of these is the honesty and energy of his live shows. He served his performance apprenticeship at Canada’s longest running hip hop club night “Stirfry”; playing along side DJ Murge among others for over 5 years. It was with DJ Murge that Just B found his ideal musical team mate. Since 1998 the two have been perfecting their powerful sound. Though the two have their sophomore album in the works, (already having released one album under the group name of “Insides Out”), Just B is still finding time for his solo career. With the “2 Paths” album and the recently released “Middle Ground Rational” Just B’s personal musical philosophy is getting out there. Bringing together thought provoking lyrics and banging beats that can’t be ignored even by the harshest of critics, this man is definitely in his element. With a little help from his friends and a driving gift of skill and love, Just B can’t help but climb to the top of this game. Keep an ear to the underground and an eye to the sky so you don’t miss a beat of this uncompromising young man's journey.


Middle Ground Rational (2004) CD - Independant
Two Paths (2003) CD – Inpependent
Insides Out (w/DJ Murge)”UNTIL IT ENDS” (2003) CD – Eclipse Records
Featured Guest on: DJ MURGE "SEARCH & RESCUE" (2002) CD & 2XLP – Eclipse/Battle Axe Records

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