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The best kept secret in music



Just Before August - Underthelights

Engineered by Barry Martin at Bristol Harbor Productions Mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital Produced by Just Before August

Reviewer -C.D. Di Guardia

Just Before August has rhythm. They got music. They got flava. Indeed, Underthelights opens up with a burst of said flava like the first chomp of well-crafted gum. JBA retains the initial zest and even maintains the level throughout the session. This is a band that maneuvers confidently throughout the sonic and rhythmic landscape, taking all the proper routes and deftly avoiding the pitfalls of the basic rhythm/jam-band scene. Lesser bands would get caught up in their own groove with little regard for anything else. JBA actually demonstrates a good sense of song and sound in each of their tracks. Good writing and good arranging skills equals good band. Take the usual band stuff; electric guitar, bass, growly vocals and add one trumpet. Sure, rock band with trumpet, tastes like Cake? Not so much. While the bands may have similar gear in the old gearshed, similarities end there. Each of JBA's tunes are driven by a different kind of emotion from the artists and conveyed through the dexterity of the musicians. The trumpet fits into a different slot on Lights than it does in the Cake records as well. It's not a silly “ha-ha-hee-hee, there's a trumpet in with all this rock music!” thing; it's more like a “vital part of the band's sound” thing that carries well with the material present on Underthelights. The other instruments are also befitting of the tunes; JBA clearly has good vision for arrangements. This is evident in the splash made by “Falling Out,” the first flava-filled track on the record. It's nice when arrangements in themselves can paint a picture as they do in the final track. “How Far” is again something that could possibly be a recording pitfall: just quietly jamming out, free-time. This track ends up being sweeter than all hell, the kind of piece that has Antonio Banderas walking off into the sunset with his guitar-case full of guns, ready to unleash the flava on the next unsuspecting bystanders. In Just Before August, the artists are the musicians and the musicians are the artists. (self-released)

Contact: www.justbeforeaugust.com

- Northeast Performer Magazine

"R&B/rock jam band Just before August releases first CD"

R&B/rock jam band Just before August releases first CD

Standard-Times correspondent

If you take your musical blender, toss in a dash of Dave Matthews, a touch of Ben Harper, a pinch of Jack Johnson, and a scattering of classic bluesy rock, you would find yourself with a spicy concoction known as Just before August.

If this stirs your musical palate, then you can get a heaping dose of it tomorrow night at the Bridge Street Station as the SouthCoast quintet celebrates the release of their five-song CD, "UNDERTHELIGHTS."

"This is a launching point for us," says El Cruz, who plays trumpet and sings. "These five songs are the ones that really capture our style. This is our best stuff and we're confident in it."

Band members are in their mid-20's and they are targeting a college-age audience. They are happy to take on the "jam band" label - a style of rock music forged in the mid-1960's where bands would apply a jazzy free-style improvisational approach to their songs.

JBA works from a basis of rhythm and blues and rock. With the advent of their latest addition, drummer Shawn Lagasse in July 2002(hence the name of the band) the group has added a jazz flare and departed somewhat from their heavier material.

"With Shawn we realized that we could open things up a bit," Cruz says. "We started brainstorming more. We're now taking our music further and we're going to take it as far as possible."

They're also going to take it to record labels, clubs, and radio stations. "There's a promotional element to the CD as well," says bass player Josh Hanoud.

"We're hoping that this will take us where we want to be."

The CD also features a hidden sixth track.

The band produced the project as well. According to lead singer Tommy Teixeira, "We produced it ourselves because nobody knows us better than ourselves."

Jordohn Bileau rounds out the group on lead guitar. The band hopes to have a follow-up full-length CD sometime in the next year.

Opening the show tomorrow night at 9 p.m. are Lemonstone and J.Kelley & Company.

For more information, call Bridge Street Station at 508-996-8749. - New Bedford Standard-Times

"JBA Coming Alive!"

Article by: Tracy Shaw - Boston, MA

Seemingly everyone wants to be a rock star when they're young. Instead of fulfillment, somewhere along the line the allure of stardom and groupies gives way to the harsh realities of one's lack of talent, lack of motivation, or just plain lack of nerve. On any given Friday night you can witness this rock star persona; some getting their proverbial “Simon Cowell” in the form of a sparse, borderline-comatose crowd, while at another bar a singer/songwriter can have everyone mouthing along to his melancholy blues. One such band falling into the latter category, gradually earning recognition, is the local roots/rock jam outfit Just before August.

Just before August, commonly referred to as JBA, has been gaining a buzz with its "Dave Matthews meets The Roots" sound, an odd combination that works. One minute you may be grooving to the contagious trumpet hook during "Hold On", and the next minute you may be watching in awe as Jordohn Bileau gives a Hendrix-inspired electric guitar solo--but whatever minute it is, it is all enjoyable.

When I spoke with Jordohn Bileau he continuously emphasized the band's unwavering commitment to its craft. "I don't know if any of us can put a finger on why we do this. I would say it's a combination of determination and desire." However, as mentioned above, all the determination in the world will do little without exceptional talent and the ability to create music that connects to people. On the flip side, such extraordinary musicianship can go unnoticed without the proper exposure through well-planned marketing. Fortunately for Just before August, the band is both talented and business-savvy.

Taking lessons from the grassroots beginnings of such acts as Howie Day, John Mayer, and Guster, the band has formed the "JBA Circle" through their website (www.justbeforeaugust.com). The JBA Circle is a street team formed by Just before August to help the band in its marketing and promotion. As a member of The Circle, you are entitled to discountl prices on JBA merchandise, and are given the opportunity to make some extra money. The group is banking that the Circle will give exposure to its first studio effort, a five-song EP titled "UNDERTHELIGHTS", through a word-of-mouth campaign.

"UNDERTHELIGHTS" shows a band capable of producing upbeat radio-friendly tunes ("Welcome in the Sun"), along with capturing the band's signature jazz-infused improvisation vibe. Like Dave Matthews, lead singer Tommy Teixeira's floating vocals offer a sort of c'est la vie gloss to any subject matter. Overall, the album is a well-produced mix of songs sending the listener comfortably through a vast range of emotions. The high point of the album is the brilliant interplay between the trumpet and electric guitar, a moment in which the instruments seemingly speak a la Frampton Comes Alive.

At a recent February 6th show at Copperfield's in Boston, the band seemed to create a slue of new fans hooked by the bright sounds and days-later ingrained melodies coming from the stage. "Hold On" seemed to be the fan favorite, starring El Cruz's muted trumpet. Rounding out the band is Josh Hanoud on bass guitar and Shawn Lagasse on drums. So while the fashion of music is notoriously fickle, if the fan reaction at Copperfield's is any indication, Just before August is a band that will be “Under The Lights” for quite some time.

Just before August will be at Judge Roy Bean's in Bristol, RI on February 14th, and will be having its CD-release party February 21st at the Bridge Street Station in Fairhaven, MA. - The Scene Journal


© 2002 - "Untitled" Demo
various live tracks (many shows get recorded)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in early 2002, Just before August has been playing their jazz-infused groove rock to build a loyal grassroots following in Southeastern New England. Listeners of the band, often drawn in by the soulful rhythm and bright melodies, may notice influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Sade to Counting Crows. Some have described the sound as Dave Matthews meets The Roots. While the band’s influences may be diverse, the common denominator is simple--creating thoughtful, enjoyable music while providing a high-energy, lively show.

Just before August is currently touring clubs and colleges to promote their five-song studio effort, "Under The Lights", released in February 2004. Produced by Just before August, mixed by Barry Martin, and mastered by Toby Mountain, the recording “shows a band capable of producing upbeat radio-friendly tunes, along with capturing the band’s signature jazz-infused improvisational sound…lead singer Tommy Teixeira’s floating vocals offer a sort of c’est la vie gloss to any subject matter”(The Scene Journal). "Under The Lights" expands on an earlier four-song demo (produced by Jack Gauthier, Dispatch), more aptly displaying the band's noteworthy musicianship.

Supporting Tom Teixeira's floating vocals is the cool jazz trumpet of El Cruz along with the melodic, groove-ridden playing of Mike Purcell on electric guitar. The band's distinctive sound is rounded out by the analog synth soundscapes provided by Will Blouin, the R&B/rock-inspired bass guitar of Josh Hanoud, and the rock solid drumming of Sean Lagasse.

While the band has taken the music to the road to increase their loyal fan base, their talents have not gone unnoticed. Just before August has won "Song of the Year" in the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll 2004 for the song "Under the Lights", they have been featured on the front cover of TITAN Magazine (65,000 monthly distribution), had a track chosen for a benefit cd for the victims of The Station fire in Warwick, RI, and placed second in 95.5 WBRU's rock hunt competition 2003 where they played at the renowned Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI.

Just before August continue to win over crowds of club goers and college students by playing music that is entertaining, meaningful, and infectious. If you have come looking for upbeat music without inane lyrics, or jam music without the self-indulgence, you need not look any further.


- Chosen to showcase on both the Main Stage and the Acoustic Stage at The Rock 'N' Ride Music Festival held at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, KY.
- Chosen to perform at Edwards Hall at the University of Rhode Island for the "Music Lives Organization".
- Featured artist in The Scene Journal in Rhode Island.
- Featured on a front page article of the Entertainment Section in the Standard Times in February.
- Just before August's "Under the Lights" wins "Best Song of the Year" in The Providence Phoenix's Best Music Poll 2004.

- Mentioned in both Billboard.com, and Rolling Stone Magazine in the month of October.
- One of four finalists in the 2003 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt (out of approximately 200 participants).
- Played opening and supporting slots at radio station events sponsored by 95.5 WBRU at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI.
- One of twelve bands asked to contribute to the WBRU Rock for Relief compilation CD (semi-national distribution) to benefit the victims of The Station Nightclub Fire in Warwick, RI.

- Received the cover of TITAN Magazine’s December 2002 issue (distribution of 65,000).
- Placed second in Titan Magazine’s First Annual Battle of the Bands competition (out of eighteen original bands in MA and RI).
- Chosen to perform at the First Annual Providence Summer Fest in June 2002.
- Chosen to perform at the 9th International Beer Festival, held at the Rhode Island Convention Center Providence, RI (over 4,000 in attendance).