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Just Chrissi / Chrissi Blackout


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Written By: Chrissi Bartholomew

2am, I'm on the train
My regret, no one to blame
We're in the dock and it's nearly 3
There's no one there to collect me

Theres a reason

Homeward bound, i'm on my way
I wanna forget, what happened today
Moving slow, 'Cos I've travelled far
But I'm not wondering, where you are

There's a reason
A reason why

Unafraid to wonder why
Unafraid to see me cry
Eyes that rain fail to dry
So remains the reason why
I'm unafraid

In my room i lock the door
drop my clothes to the floor
Its so dark but I dont care
'Cos noone's watching, no one stares

There's a reason

Unafraid to wonder why
Unafraid to see me cry
Eyes that rain fail to dry
So remains the reason why

They cannot hurt me
Their torment fails
Fear deserts me
my strength prevails
I know who i am
and what i gave
I'm the one who can
Im unafraid

There's a reason
A reason why

I'm unafraid...

Lost Something

Written By: Chrissi Bartholomew

I've lost something I'm not sure way it is
How am I supposed to find it if I don't know
Seems I've been waiting for a long time to find it, oh oh

I'm lost in a strange place, can't find my way
It feels so familiar, like home
Don't feel like I'm alone here now
I know I got to be strong to get out of here

I feel like I'm sinking, so deeper and lower
I've gotta find and crawl my way up
The light is fading out and it's getting darker
In here

I'm lost and I'm aching
Feels like my hearts breaking
Is that really what it could be
It feels so strange, something's changed, to me, mmmnnn

I've lost something for once in a lifetime
Feel like it's something I need
To help me grow and I know it shows
In the way I breathe

I feel someone has come and possessed me
Turned me into someone I don't know
I feel out of my league and I feel so weak
And that's just not me

I'm scared of my feeling
The stars send me reeling
It's that eventuality-It's sensuality

I yearn to be free from the puppet mastery
Of your call
Oh your eyes says fall
Your heart stays whole…