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Dayton, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Dayton, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Acoustic




"Episode 240: Storyteller- Yung Quadroon"

[Audio Interview] - Gem City Podcast

"Yung Quadroon Interview #FreshDope"


"Interview: DANE – discusses new project, brand, travels & more!"

DANE is an Ohio artist who has relocated to the state of Texas. He just released his first project and is planning on continuing to invade the music scene. Check the interview out below and learn more about him!

What’s good bruh, how you livin’?

I’ve been good homie. Makin music and startin a business.. I was happy you contacted me. It was only a matter of time before we linked up. I just needed to get my feet wet. I been following yalls movement. Shoutout to Elevated Livin!

So you seem fairly new to promoting your own music and establishing yourself as a brand but I know you’ve been rapping for awhile…when did you first start rapping? and when you actually start to take it serious?

The brand came prior to the music as sort of life style i wanted to embody. I started rapping about 4 years ago around the end of my enlistment. But it got serious when I moved to Austin.

I know you’ve been around the world…were you in the military? or a military kid?

Was was in the military, specifically the Air Force, for a long 3 years. I spent most of that time in Japan and Korea. Before enlisting at 19 I had already been a few places. My parents weren’t in the military, I figure they just wanted to see new things.

Where are you originally from?

OH! all day bro! We did move around alot. I was born in the ATL but, I spent the crucial years in Dayton. Between kindergarten and 4th grade. then my last 3 years of High School. But you know all about that.. Go Elks!

What made you settle down in Austin, TX?

I don’t like the term “settle down”. Opposite of what i’m tryna do.
I came out to Austin when Stephanie Elise, hit me up explaining her willingness to devote her life to our movement. She told me about the music vibe here and how its one of the fattest growing cities in the US. It was time to catch that wave. And I feel like we did! But the plan was not to stay. We will be hitting the road soon..

Define an UnderPaid Genius for me…

UnderPaid Genius is a mind-state. “All of our actions are more powerful than we believe.” or “All genius in underpaid.” Basically, your worth more than what you’ve been told.

Who does your team consist of?

Myself “the Face”.. Stephanie Elise the President of UnderPaid Genius Entertainment and my personal manager. My good friend John Vasquez in LA, is UPG’s Business Manager and Director of Merchandise. Our Graphic Designer, Dustin Smart, responsible for that light bulb you may have seen and the newest addition, Jared Luker, who will be joining the movement in just a couple days. Moving to Austin from Illinois. He is a musician/composer/and songwriter… so clutch.
(cool side note) We were all in the military.

Do you make beats as well?

I do! I started on FL studios around the same time the raps began in 2011. All the beats for Waitin on the 20, I made in Garage band. Now I’m wrapping my brain around Logic Pro. I’m excited for y’all to hear the growth.

Why did you choose ‘Waitin’ on the 20′ for the title of your last project?

20 is the bus route that stops at my apartment complex out here on Riverside. All the ideas for that tape were conceived waiting on that damn bus! LOL!

Describe the underground scene in Austin…

Though hip-hop is not the city’s favorite genre, the fact that it is the Live Music Capitol of the World makes it very easy for anyone to get on a stage. ATX Hip-Hop definitely has its on style with heavy influence from Houston. Lots of street art and most everyone smokes weed. The diversity of the population mixed with that southern hospitality makes for a very positive crowd, but that positivity will make anyone feel like they’re a super star.

Is ‘keep cognizant’ your motto?

Indeed! and track4 on “Waitin on the 20″.. Stay conscious. Always aware.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

You know, I could come up with a lot of scenarios, cause i get asked this a lot. But, most definitely in 5 years I will be one of many successful artist signed to UnderPaid Genius Entertainment.

Anything else you wanna tell the readers?

Go download my mixtape “Waitin on the 20″ @SoundCloud.com and @DatPiff.com!! Subscribe to our YouTube channel UPGTV and be on the look out for the first single “I Swear” off of my next project Golden Glass & Graffitti.

Well I appreciate your time and keep grindin!!

I appreciate the love man and thank you to GoundSounds.com for putting me on. Keep Cognizant. - A. D.

"Mixtape: DANE - Waitin' On The 20 [AUSTIN]"

“Waitin’ On The 20 consists of compiled thoughts of an UnderPaid Genius during his day-to-day endeavors in Southeast Austin, Texas, thus creating his first official mixtape ever. This is what you’ve all been “waiting” for.”

Be sure to check out this new mixtape and leave feedback for this up & coming artist. - centexhiphop.com

"Spotlight On: DANE"

A fresh face on the scene and quickly making a name for himself with his complex rhymes and great show's, it us a pleasure to have Dane on the bill. The co-founder of Underpaid Genius Ent., the Georgia native and former member of the Air Force now calls Austin home. His new project "Waiting on the 20" is highly anticipated and we are happy to be able to witness his ascension first hand.
Find out more about Dane and UPG at
www.underpaidgenius.net - Street Alumni Ent.

"Who is DANE?"

Conscious lyricist Dane can be best compared to the artists that influence him- Tech N9ne, Wu Tang Clan, & Rakim. Dane is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia and although he moved across the country quite frequently as a child, he spent most of his years in Dayton, Ohio. Now living in Austin, Texas, Dane is promoting his first upcoming and anticipated project, Waitin On The 20 (to be released early 2014), with blowout performances, videos of his journey, and merchandise . Dane first discovered his passion for music when he was in 8th grade; he was hanging out with his friends at the lunchroom table and started singing a song, then a girl walked by and said that he had a nice voice. After that, Dane began to sing often and discovered his passion for music.

Shortly after high school, Dane decided to join the Air Force. While in the military, he spent most of his time living in Japan but also spent some time in Korea. While in Korea, he began to rap and started making his own beats. Rapping became Danes method of coping with living the military life and being away from his family and friends. Here, Dane discovered a deep understanding and appreciation for music, especially hip-hop. Dane's music style can be described as technical as he enjoys making complex rhymes that focus on pragmatics. Dane's lyrics are inspired by his life outside of the military and his daily life as Austin, Texas' newest MC.

New single by DANE "Bout To Get It" HERE

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@Dane_UPGEnt on Twitter
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@TheUPGTV on YouTube

Additional info: More than just an independent hip hop artist, Dane is also Co-Founder and Owner of his record label, of which will also be represented at the 11th Annual SEA.

Label: Underpaid Genius Entertainment
Facebook: Underpaid Genius Ent.
Twitter: @UPG_Ent
Instagram: @upg_ent
Official Website: www.underpaidgenius.net - Southern Ent. Awards

"Audio Dope at the Scoot Inn This Sunday 4/6"

The name Underpaid Genius Entertainment might be new to you, but it’s definitely a name you’re going to want to remember. What began as a recognition of a mutual love for music between three friends quickly took on a new vision that provided us with Underpaid Genius Entertainment – a new independent record label based right here in Austin.

Eager to exhibit their talent to the world, the folks at Underpaid Genius Entertainment will be putting together a show on Sunday, April 6th featuring Dane, Stat1, and Peter Reed and The Backroad Kings.
[Audio Dope flyer insert]
Audio Dope was created with music fans in mind to give attendees an opportunity to hear great live music while simultaneously allowing local hip-hop artists to perform without having to pay-to-play. If you’re looking to see what’s new in the local hip-hop scene, Audio Dope is for you. The event will feature local hip-hop artists to provide them with a chance to gain exposure as they first break into the scene.

Dane, a co-founder of Underpaid Genius Entertainment and rapper, will be performing to support the release of his first mixtape “Waitin’ On the 20”. Dane spent the earlier portion of his life as a member of the Air Force and was stationed in Japan, and later in Korea. Upon returning from Korea, Dane met the two people who would eventually help him found Underpaid Genius Entertainment when he discovered they all shared the same passion for music.

With the encouragement of the other co-founders of Underpaid Genius Entertainment, Dane has been pursuing that passion by creating what would become “Waitin’ on the 20″ – a compilation of songs inspired by Dane’s day-to-day interactions in Southeast Austin. His clever use of word play above incredibly catchy beats are sure to instill a sense of local pride in any and all who hear him.
[youtube video insert]
If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, Audio Dope will feature more than just local hip-hop artists. Upon entrance to the event this Sunday, attendees will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win various local glass pieces. Furthermore, local dance duo Hy Gynx will be performing with their awe-inspiring LED light hula dancing. Head over to the Scoot Inn to check all of this out for yourself on Sunday, April 6th at 7:00pm. For more details be sure to visit Do512. - Joseph Ovalle


Still working on that hot first release.



(recently better known as Yung Quadroon)

Born just outside of Atlanta and raised in various parts of the nation, he claims Dayton, Ohio to be his hometown. Magnified vibes and hit tunes for your ride, DANE offers an edge on hip-hop music as he now resides in Austin, Texas—landing in the live music city capital in 2012. DANE's talents stretch from creating beats to rapping on them and he shouldn’t be discounted for anything in between. Experimenting with Fruity Loops (FL Studio) equipment, like a synthesizer, DANE started creating beats in Korea and had a thought that someone should be rapping on them. That’s where his flow came into play. “I’m a musician and I like music. So if rap is music, I’ma do that, too.”

Having served time in the United States Air Force, DANE cut the typical four-year term short when he created UnderPaid Genius, now an entertainment label with a few fellow airmen while stationed in Misawa, Japan. They collectively share the belief that everyone is an underpaid genius in their own right and wanted to develop a platform where many could join in and receive the support necessary to develop success. UnderPaid Genius has reached “underrated brainiacs” from sponsoring pro wrestlers and community art events, to developing live entertainment experiences for musicians, artists and entertainers to showcase their talents. Other creative outlets are being utilized worldwide to touch Geniuses by the mass such as various web series, social networking, and a developing apparel line; all in efforts to spread the message, Keep Cognizant, a way of life DANE comprised.

DANE released his first original project in early April 2014 entitled, Waitin’ On The 20, a continuous reference of his everyday experiences to his early departure from the military and landing in the Live Music Capitol. All of which he gathered while spending much of his time waiting for Capitol Metro’s bus route 20. Although referred to as a mix tape,

"Waitin’ On The 20’s original production and lyrics give the project credibility to be called an album, a free album." –Stephanie Elise, Artist Manager & COO of UnderPaid Genius Entertainment.

Currently, DANE takes on his alias, Yung Quadroon, as he steps into another mindset since releasing, Something New. His latest EP is a collaboration with Austin, TX producer/ engineer, Nic da Sic; both feeding listeners a new wave of head bangers.

DANE uses the stages of Austin for showcases and performed during South by Southwest 2015, opening for Smoke DZA. He has also opened for founder of Stone Throw Records, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf and Bizarre of D-12 and participated in a statewide tour entitled, We From Austin: Texas Tour. DANE’s performances have been described as show stopping, leaving fans and the crowd wanting more; his eclectic demeanor is transferred through his energy, making it evident DANE was born for live entertainment.

Collaborations include: Producer Max Lo, DJ Dean Martian, and Producer/ Engineer Nic da Sic whom stated,

"There is a well-roundedness about DANE as an artist [and] musician that encompasses lyrics, energy and delivery all in one. He’s able to tap into his intuition and congruently create a great overall sound every time that translates to the listener."

Band Members