Just De

Just De


A crossbreed of Bluegrass, folk and country that pretty much has a mind of it's own.


I don't think there is nearly enough room to describe me and where I am coming from in my music, but I will give it a shot. I have been told too many times to mention that I am a very complex person....(personaly I think it makes me more interesting, who wants to sit around and talk to some one boring??)....any way...I degress...this complexity comes out thru my music. I wrote and composed all of my songs and they range from fun and lively to deep and profound. I really try to relate to everyone. I have people tell me after hearing one of my songs that it was like I sat in thier mind for five minutes and knew just how to put it into a song. I can tell you it is a great feeling, hearing someone relate to you thru your love of music. I have so many infuences I really would be here all day telling you about them, I will suffice to say my biggest influence is my father, one of the greatest musicians I have ever heard....(no...I am not biased, he really is)......I would never have been so determined to make it had he not been there as my worst critic. He is never afraid to let me have it woth both barrels. And my biggest fans my Mother and Husband....there at every gig, rain or shine!!



Written By: Just De

Verse 1
I've walked that walk
to the top of that mountain
I've stared right down
into the sea
And I've lived these years
without any comfort
And I've wondered around
here aimlessly

Each night I hear
your name being whispered
A sigh on the wind
that calls to me
And in the evening rain
I'll stand here waitng
In the silver moonlight
with your memory

And I can't be
the secret that you keep
And I'll dream
of a life that could have been..

Verse 2
I'll haunt these hills
with the souls of the ancients
I've blended with
thier misery
And as the night moves on
theres a new day breakin'
From the prison of you
I long to be free

Repeat Chorus

Worth It

Written By: Just De

For as long
as I can remember
It's always been my biggest dream
Head on up to Nashville
Get a record deal, and sing
Well I'll admit
It ain't changed much
Just a few short stops along the way
One step closer to the big time
Just hold on for one more day

And I can almost see, that shiny stage
With thirty-thousand fans screamin' my name
And whatever it takes
I'll see you there
Come what may

So I'm standin' here
With this old guitar
That I've played until my fingers bled
And I'll pay all the sues that I have to
To get me to my dream in the end

Repeat Chorus

Well I'm on my way
And I ain't slowin' down
With nothing but this box to my name
And if I fall on my way up
Well it's worth...all the pain

Set List

I really don't have a set list yet...I just play what I feel and go with the reaction of the crowd.