Just FLoW

Just FLoW

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Ive Never Seen The Top. But Ive Damn Sure Visited The Bottom.

These Are The Words That Elevated Me.

Invisible CRoWNs. King Me. I Just FLoW

Come See Why.


Just FLoW

Set to release another EP entitled “the waterbreak” featuring producer/ rapper Mav, Just FLoW is building a steady fan base piggybacking on the achievements of his 1st ep “Go With The FLoW”.

First discovering his love for flowing in the back of a Queens high school classroom, this self proclaimed “Queen’s finest” artist has developed into a dope lyricist. Just FLoW doesn’t limit himself to just given his all in only his music either, as seen in features with fellow up and coming artists/ peers Xyclone, MaV and Evie G. His creative use of word play is evident in every song he graces.

His skills are mainly evident in the story telling of “College Boi” which is most reminiscent of the golden age of ‘90s hip hop. Going against typical releases his intro, “FLoW’s Introduction”, is consciously placed as the outro, which is a self description of the type of artist he is leaving the listener with a lasting impression. “Go With The FLoW” in its entirety is a complete mixtape showcasing different avenues of his rap style (including beats chosen).


Go With The FLoW (2011)
The Water Break (2011)
GRoW (2012)