Just Grass

Just Grass


traditional bluegrass, gospel, with a hint of country

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Gravel in my Shoe

Written By: Patrick Russell

I was on the road again this morning
Where I'm bound today, I don't know
To see this stretch of highway rise before me
It's the simple things in life that I love so.

I stopped to talk a while with an old man
In a peaceful park, in a quiet town
He'd lived 80 years in the same place
Then he asked me when I would settle down?

His question brought a smile, so I told him
I was born with a gravel in my shoe
This moving round is all a part of living
As much as to settle down for you

I'll travel round the world until my last days
Nothing or nobody slows me down
I'll move from town to town, then on my last stop
I'll lay to rest in my old hometown

Repeat first verse