Justice League

Justice League


Justice League is a tight, funky, guitar-based instrumental trio. Built on inspiration from Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix, this band keeps it real, danceable and interesting to all types of listeners.


Justice League was founded in 2007 but was built on the long-standing musical relationship of Scott Newell and Reggie Dennis, who've played together since 2000. Calvin "Manny" Carter is an amazingly gifted drummer with many years of professional experience. He's an explosive player with lightning-quick reflexes, incredible chops and a great ear for improvisation and spontaneity.

Our influences include Miles Davis, John Scofield, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Frisell, Wayne Krantz, Steve Coleman, Funkadelic, Chic, The Police, Bob Marley, Prince, Cameo and more. When we write tunes we don't talk about styles or categories, we just write them based on what we've absorbed over our lifetime. Rock, jazz, funky, pop music, reggae; they're all in there.

What sets us apart is our accessibility to fans. We take time between sets, and before and after the gig meeting and hanging out with fans.


We currently have streaming audio and video available here:

Find out more about the band at our flash website www.justiceleaguetheband.net

Set List

Our typical set list is a 3-set gig, 45 min on/15 min off. Original songs include:

This Axe
Last 1 to Drop
The Third Eye

Nardis, You're Under Arrest - Miles Davis
Cupido - Maria Rita
Techno - John Scofield
Sweet Tooth - Lenny White