Justify The Means

Justify The Means


You stand in the place where life and death meet and the one who judges will ask "Did you serve for the good or sacrifice for the evil; Do you stand with a tainted soul or hands clean," and you will answer... "The ends will Justify the Means."


Bringing new life to the Central Illinois' music scene, Justify The Means is the new breed of heavy-melodic metal straight out of Peoria, IL. Established late 2003, this quartet has taken over ILLINOIS' music scene forcing its guitar driven, drum slammin', bass thumpin’, beautifully melodic-aggressive vocals down the throats of all listeners. Becoming Peoria's hardest working band since Mudvayne, JTM has earned their senority. In just 3 short years JTM has opened for countless National Acts; picked up multiple sponsorships and endorsements; became the "ORIGINAL" house band for Peoria's biggest rock radio station, hosts the most impressive/most intense local metal shows; and now continues to tour the country in support of its latest CD “NO END”. Currently JTM is recording its follow-up to NO END. Imagine the possibilities...


Sevendust, Buckcherry, Saliva, Nonpoint, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Soil, Kittie, 40 Below Summer, Super Joint Ritual, Diecast, Bobaflex, Future Leaders Of The World, Black Stone Cherry, Cinder, Flaw, Rickets, Oh My God, Deaf Pedestrians, Vampire Mooose, Shame Lady, Madside, Hemlock...


JTM is the "ALL-ORIGINAL" house band for 105.7 the X WIXO-FM and has been for 3 years.

Bela is the co-host of 105.7's LOCAL ANESTHETIC on Sunday nights 8-10pm which features just local/regional bands.

JTM plays Chicago's MOBFEST 2006 and 2007.

JTM plays the legendary Whisky a GO-GO in Los Angeles, CA. <10.26.05>

JTM plays the Rave Movie Theater (biggest in Peoria / 28 screens) for the opening of Star Wars Episode III. <5.18.05>

JTM signs a sponsorship deal with Budweiser True Music and Brewers Distributing of Peoria. JTM is the only all-original Bud band in all of Central, IL. <2.15.05>

JTM gets endorsement deal with Morley/EB Tech pedals <1.12.07>

JTM gets endorsement deal with Curt Mangan strings <11.08.06>

Jay Goldberg names Justify The Means as the best new talent in Central, IL. (Jay Goldberg is a 34 year veteran Illinois Concert Promoter/Talent Buyer. Brings in all major acts to Peoria Civic Center, Canopy Club in Urbana, IL, among other places. Also hosts Budweiser Grand Nationals, Miller Lite Blues Festival, etc. His company is Progressive Innovations.

JTM wins "BEST LOCAL BAND" poll conducted on 105.7 the X. <12.18.04>

JTM's "Redemption" beats out Korn's "Word Up" for most requested song. <8.20.04>

JTM's "Redemption" beats out Slipknot's "Duality" for most requested song. <8.23.04>

JTM's "Redemption" beats out Switchfoot's "Meant to Live" for most requested song. <9.07.04>

Justify The Means' "Redemption" won the Cage Match 4 nights in a row on Quad City Live in Davenport, IA.

Justify The Means has also been played on WQLZ -FM in Springfield, IL; the “Really Loud Guitar Show” in Columbus, OH hosted by Scoop; and multiple college stations.


105.7X ROCKS www.1057thexrocks.com
BUD TRUE MUSIC www.brewersdist.com
CURT MANGAN Strings www.curtmangan.com
MORLEY/EB TECH pedals www.morleypedals.com
ORANGE COUNTY DRUMS www.ocdrum.com
ELMORE MUSICAL WAREHOUSE www.elmoremusical.com
JAY TV www.jaytv.com



Peoria: The Madison Theater, Exposition Gardens, IN PLAY, SOP's, Buddah's, Rocky's, Itoo Hall, Notre Dame Youth Center, VFW's, American Legion Halls...
Bloomington: Paulie's, the New Laffeyette Club
Springfield: Viele's Planet, Club 217, Black Sheep
Carbondale: Copper Dragon, Big Boy's Q'n
Rockford: The Elixur, LT's, Ken-Rock Community Center
Chicago: Pearl Room, U.S. Beer Company, Penny Road Pub
Washburn: Elandorf Music Festival
Dekalb: Otto's
Urbana: Canopy Club
Champaign: Tommy G's, High Dive, The Lava
Joliet: Dreams
Canton: Wallace Park
Creve Coeur: Tops and Tails
Lincoln: The Loft
Effingham: Icahbod’s Club
Lemont: Stage 83
Mason City: Civic Center
Monmouth: Rivoli Theater
Moline: The Zone, Clara's Studio

St. Louis: Pop's, Creepy Crawl, Just Bill’s
Wentzville: The Pit

Davenport: Lumpy’s

Terra Haute: The Legacy

Los Angeles: Whisky a Go-Go

Las Vegas: Cheyenne Saloon

Albuquerque: The Launchpad


“NO END” (full length) released Oct. 2005.
“8 WAYS TO EXPRESS” released Aug. 2004.
“justify the means” (3-song demo) released Nov. 2003.

Combined Justify The Means has sold over 4000 self- released CD’s with no distribution.
Imagine the possibilities...

JTM is set to start recording its new material in Chicago with Tadpole (Disturbed, Soil, 3 Doors Down) in Sept/Oct.

Set List

up to 120 minute setlist.

Current songlist:

1. Into Your Eyes (new)
2. Pieces (new)
3. M.S.S. (new)
4. Pound 4 Pound (new)
5. Left Behind (new)
6. Pushing Feelings (new)
7. Lost in Translation (new)
8. Useless With An Image (new)
9. Flakjacket (new)
10. Bullet Shells And Bad News (new)
11. Glad (new)
12. Let You (new)
13. You Oughta Know Better (new)
14. Face Down
15. Separation Anxiety
16. Wasted
17. Inside Out
18. Trading Places
19. I Feel
20. My Kind
21. Again
22. Proper Time
23. Like I Do
24. What U Say
25. Back and Forth
26. Redemption
27. Drowning In Life