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Justin Golden

Richmond, VA | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Richmond, VA
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Blues Folk




"Justin Golden - I Hate When She Calls"

The question isn't where Justin Golden came from (Answer: Richmond, Virginia) but when. There's just something about his newest song "I Hate When She Calls" that just isn't of this time. From the opening picks of his guitar to his voice, this song can't possibly be of this century, and is probably from sometime in the mid-1900s. Since that's obviously not true, you'd probably think that he's this great undiscovered blues/folk artist, maybe this year's Rodriguez. I'm not positive of his age, but based on pictures he's probably no older than 25. Instead of following a traditional verse/chorus/verse song structure, the song just meanders around his guitar, with vocals just coming in when Golden feels the need. "I Hate When She Calls" is perfectly timeless. - If It's Too Loud

"Fresh Track: Justin Golden “I Hate When She Calls”"

Justin Golden plays the blues in the purest of forms: with his voice and a prodding, slow picked acoustic guitar. A style harkening back to a golden age, there is a certain timeless quality to his voice and his music.

The latest track from the singer-songwriter is called “I Hate When She Calls” and lyrically deals with the battle of wanting something that perhaps is best left in the past. A heavy thumb and strong pointer finger, Travis pick the tune along at a slow burn beneath the contradicting feelings that the song’s protagonist is going through. Golden could probably most easily be compared to the bluesy, loose vibe of Justin Townes Earle with residual dustings of Leadbelly and a classic throwback blues tinge to his voice that is undeniable, smooth like butter but it can sting like bootleg whiskey when its swallowed down. His voice is pleasant and soothing, but drifts and travels where it wants to, occasionally breaking and falling off here and there, it creates an interesting texture that follows the many plucked notes of his guitar.

Another great tune from an extremely promising songwriter. Check it out today. - RedLineRoots.com

"First Listen: Justin Golden “Guiding Light”"

Sometimes simplicity is the key to complexity. Complexity in the sense that a song, or an arrangement, or composition only needs minimal parts to push forward and evoke an emotion. On ‘Guiding Light’, Justin Golden does just that.
The range of his vocal never overexerts itself, it is subdued in a way but suits the music perfectly. There is a golden feeling to the track. A light in his music. His slow and effortless, but impressive, fingerstyle guitar flows gently beneath the words that he is singing. There is a definitive intimacy to his songs, you have to lean in close and really listen to him when he sings. The difference is that you really want to, the tone of his voice has a pull and a warmth to it. His guitar playing is intricate but he never plays TOO many notes, so you can almost reach out and grasp it. ‘Guiding Light’ is a great listen that elicits feelings of comfort and deepness. - RedLineRoots.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Justin Golden's origins are deeply vested in the blues.  With roots in the Mississippi Delta, Chicago, and the Piedmont of Virginia, he has always felt most connected to the blues.  First picking up the guitar at age 19, Golden did what came naturally and let the music flow through him.  With an extremely diverse musical palette, Golden aims to bring some new ideas to traditional blues forms.
The Piedmont Blues style came to Golden in a dream.  Before he had ever heard the term, he had written several songs in the Piedmont style.  He seemed destined to play the blues in his own way.
Now 26 years old, Golden calls Richmond, Va his home base.  He tours regionally, and as far north as Montreal.

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