Justin Lacroix Band

Justin Lacroix Band

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

"Sweet tunes!" (Winnipeg)"Awesome voice!" (Calgary)"Love your music, lyrics, voice...versatility! Hope we can arrange a house concert sometime!" (Thunder Bay)"First time for me, Justin! Love your music! Great guitar pickin'!!!" (Thunder Bay)"Nice groove!" (Montral)


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From Winnipeg's french community emerges bilingual folk-rock poet, Justin Lacroix. A gentle yet fiery soul with a unique pen and a feel for a good groove, this accomplished guitar player and dynamic singer offers up a fresh new sound. Since his introduction to the music scene in 2003, Lacroix has been sharing his original "Funky Folk-Rock" (in French and English) with audiences from coast to coast, becoming increasingly well known for his heartfelt songs, his engaging live concerts and his raw talent.

Winner of the "Gala manitobain de la chanson" (2003 & 2007) and of the "Chant' ouest" (2007) as well as having been selected to participate in the Festival de la chanson de Granby (2007) and the "Festival en chanson Petite-Valle" (2011), Justin Lacroix's long list of shows also include having played from Moncton to Vancouver to Yellowknife, and festivals such as the "Live From The Rock" (Red Rock, ON), the "Festival du voyageur" (Winnipeg, MB) and the "Snow King Festival" (Yellowknife, NWT).

Based out of Winnipeg, this troubadour continues to tread back and forth across the country. Whether with his band, or as a solo, the show is electric, lively and inspiring. A gem well worth discovering.



Justin Lacroix en musique, a groove. Il y a du folk, du funk, du rock, du blues et plusieurs autres saveurs qui se mlangent pour enfin sortir en chansons qui sonnent tout fait Justin Lacroix. Le spectacle de Justin Lacroix en solo est intime, trs personnel et engageant. Il y a toujours de quoi qui capte l'attention; un riff de guitare ii, un timbre de voix l. D'ailleurs, c'est cette voix unique et authentique qui rsonne le plus avec son public, et Justin s'y offre plein coeur.

Laurat "Gala manitobain de la chanson" (2003 & 2007) et de "Chant' ouest" (2007) ainsi qu'avoir t slectionn pour le Festival de la chanson de Granby (2007) et du "Festival en chanson Petite-Valle" (2011), la longue feuille de route Justin Lacroix inclut avoir jou d'un bout du pays l'autre, et de festivals tels que "Live From The Rock" (Red Rock, ON), "Festival du voyageur" (Winnipeg, MB) et "Snow King Festival" (Yellowknife, NWT).

- Extraits du livre d'or -

"Wow Justin Lacroix, ton nom et ta musique resteront gravs dans ma mmoire d'amateure de folk comme tes doigts semblent aussi bien fusionns aux cordes de ta guitare! Merci pour ton art!" (Sherbrooke)

"...je suis bouche be" (Montral)

"Merci pour ces notes qui ont su charmer mes oreilles." (Jasper)

"a s'coute trop bien!" (Montral)

"GROOOOOOoooooovy!" (Thunder Bay)

"J'adore votre style, trop cool!" (Hay River)

"Superbes mlodies!" (Sherbrooke)

"Wow, quel plaisir de se laisser bercer et entraner par ta musique. Beau talent des doigts magiques et une voix superbe. Merci pour la magnifique soire." (Sherbrooke)

"Justin, ton talent est immense! Merci de l'avoir partag avec nous!" (Jasper)

"Concert magnifique! revoir!" (Ottawa)




Written By: justin lacroix


by justin lacroix

josianne so sweet with your juicy lips
won't you please just let me be
your big blue eyes trappin' all o' the guys
we're not strong enough please have mercy
wit' your sway so subtle and your hypnotizing wiggle
landing coats in every puddle
i can't solve this riddle all i hear is your fiddle
and we're all caught up in your bubble


hold on to the dice a little longer
let them catch their breath
slow down girl around the world
don't have to be a race to the death

josianne please tell me that you want to be with me
just one word and i'll surrender
what's wrong with me i saw you wrap so many
'round and 'round you big pinky finger
a little shift of the hips and a pout of the lips
forgot what i was 'bout to say
all i can do is smile
too weak to play this game


josianne how you go so fast
i never see ya stop to fill 'er up
won't you take a ride with me doin' 20 no worries
snuggled up in my big pick up truck
now i'm chokin' on your dust all i felt was a gust
i guess i'll see ya on your next lap
what's the rush, to stuff all of us on you bus
give your breaks just a little tap


Hands UP!

Written By: justin lacroix

Hands Up

by Justin Lacroix

Everybody put your hands up
can you hear me
we have no need for them today
we have no need for them today
Everybody put your palms out
can you see me
would somebody please show me
where the differences are in the creases

do you wanna sit back and rock
with nothin' but a stone rollin' round in your heart
built up from years of strain
with nothin' to show

the rain keeps pourin' down
you're lyin' with you gut down in the mud
can't see two feet in front of you
or what's comin'up from behind


open up your eyes and stare at the moon
do you still remember what your runnin' for
breathe in the air of freedom
let your dreams fuel your mission

better to yield when leaned on
let the weight slip off to the ground
always keep your head up
don't let nobody keep you down


On se tait

Written By: justin lacroix

On se tait

par : Justin Lacroix

Elle dÈgringole, si rapidement
On a ‡ peine le temps de saisir sa derniËre position contre ces torrents
Ses genoux figÈs, sont dÈfoncÈs
¿ coups de poings sans fin que pour un peu de pain et deux georgÈes

refrain :

Cette forteresse tombe piËce par piËce
La pendule ne se taira qu'au dernier mur abbattu
Et toutes ces heures, de larmes, de sueurs
Ruissellent au travers des tas de fragments d'os et cúurs fendus
Et on se tait

Les premiËres lueurs du lever
Captent les poussiËres se posant sur les ruines d'un massacre ignorÈ
Qu'un trait de plume point rÈflÈchit
Griffa d'un coup un trou dans l'‚me du doux pinceau si accomplit


pont :

on se tait
la haut dans la brume
on se tait
on s'en fou de ce qui fume
on se tait
on se tait

New Beginnings

Written By: justin lacroix

New Beginnings

by Justin Lacroix

She sighs
don't take away this angel of mine
her eyes
swell into a flood of goodbyes
each tear draining her will to the ground
where she kneels
where she kneels

in time
she grows to once again see his smile
so bright
she rushes out the door to say bye
they stay watching the leaves waltz to the ground
where they lay
where they lay

where they're
waiting for another day
when the ground will shake again
waiting for another day
to be strong
waiting for another day
when it all will slip away
waiting for another day
new beginnings

still feels
her fingers running through that dark hair
still hears
his laughter running round in the air
she thrusts her fingers deep into the ground
where she grows
still she grows


Under The Same Moon

Written By: Justin Lacroix

Under The Same Moon - by Justin Lacroix

It's been 77 days
And I can't wait to see your face light up
When I walk through the door
To hold you tight
To kiss you goodnight
Is all I could ask for

I'm coming home to you
As fast as these tired wings will let me
I'm coming home to you
As the crow flies
I forever will be true
No matter how far these winds will take me
I'll always come home to you
As the crow flies

Now, I know it was me who ran away
Don't know how long I expected you to wait
Don't know why we had to
But here we are still standing under the same moon

Tonight as I sing to you
From two thousand miles away
I'll sing strong and true so you might hear me
Suddenly I see you standing right there in front of me
And I know, a part of me
You will always be

I'm coming home to you
As fast as these tired wings will let me
I'm coming home to you
As the crow flies
I forever will be true
No matter how far these winds will take me
I'll always come home to you
As the crow flies


Justin Lacroix - Still the Boy (2013)
Justin Lacroix - EP (2011)
Justin Lacroix Band - le Gauche et le Droit (2010)
Justin Lacroix - Au naturel (2009)
Justin Lacroix Band - Self-titled EP (2007)
Justin Lacroix - Boogieman (2005)

Set List

Mostly original Funky Folk Rock but including covers such as:

W.S. Walcott Medicine Show - The Band

Anthony's Song - Billy Joel

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Eric Burdon

Working At The Carwash Blues - Jim Croce