Justin combines the roots and depth of jazz with the ambience of electronica through his unique style of modern, progressive acoustic songwriting.


This 24 year old singer/songwriter is taking things to the next level. Be it on the guitar, or with a synthesizer, Justin’s songs burst out of the standard songwriting mold, combining the roots and depth of jazz with the atmosphere and ambiance of electronica through his unique style of modern, progressive, acoustic songwriting. Justin’s captivating stage presence, coupled with an undeniable ability to write magnetic songs, have made him a favorite in Boston’s local music scene. Justin makes one of a kind music, for one of a kind people.

Former front man and lead guitarist of Traveling Matt, Justin brings over two years of New England touring experience to his solo project. From 1999 to 2002, he helped the band to sell more than 2,000 CDs, win Umass Amherst’s “Best band of the Year” award 2 years in a row, receive a nomination for the Valley Advocate’s “Best Groove Rock Band” (2001), and open for national acts such as The Mudhens, Seeking Homer, and Marah.



Written By: Justin Schwenk

And all that you'd want of me I'd gladly give
To satiate your mind, your needs fulfill
But now I have to live away my life
In this trodden state
Help me to awake

And I'd let you take in time,
But time's now passed
And I'm hoping that this sedentary feeling
Doesn't last
Around my heart, bands of iron shine
Help me clear my mind
Help me move through time

Hey, I am floating away
In a way I never thought I'd see
My life turn out, because
All this fighting, all this fuss
Has led me too astray

And all these feelings come to me
In shades of blue and green
I feel as though I've led my soul away
Into a forgotten scene
But baby there's times
And baby there's places, you said
Behind me are all things bad

And maybe you weren't that good a friend
And maybe all this fighting
Winds up in the end
No good to me, no good to you
My solemn friend I am easy now


Written By: Justin Schwenk

I don't have the energy anymore
To feel my way through the halls of my days
When those walls were once made
Of the stones that were composed
Of the experiences we've grown from.

It's hard to sleep when a part of you is gone,
And you don't know where it is
Or what time it's coming home.
Since you left, so much has changed...
Though not really.
It's like a different photograph
Of the exact same scenery.

With all of these breaths committed,
No air for myself to live with.

Hey! I'm on my own!
In between the smoke and drink
I know she's there and waiting for me
Wait! I'm all alone.
Sitting with my knees again my head
I feel completely slighted

I am so tired of having all these ideas,
That no one else can understand
It feels as if the top of my head could open
and they'd all spill about the room,
Unintellibly fighting
To be first in line to find me again

And if this is all we are,
Then you'll understand that this man
Will do all for you.
Then asking me asking me home,
Only to burn it down once I set foot inside.
What gives you the right?

With all of these breaths committed,No air for myself to live with.

Here to Say

Written By: Justin Schwenk

I remember those times gone wrong
From the time that we wake
To the time that we sleep
We are wondering what's going on

So I'm here to say...

I was found all up in the ground
With the dirt for my bed
Wasn't a pretty headshot
Shot up from the garden of Eden
And then I knew it was my time
And I was better off leaving

Found my way into the city in the dead of night
Got my cash, home, car, dreams, wife
Said: "Oh my god, it's a mirage"
When you're living with the dreams
That you've never indellibly doubted by.

I remember those times gone wrong
And knowing what I know
I will never go back son

So I'm here to Say...


1999- Traveling Matt, 7 song demo
2000-Stories For a Day, 9 song album

Currently, Justin has a demo CD with a mix of home and studio recordings

Set List

A typical set list runs ~ 1 hour, and consists mainly of original material. Some covers are thrown in from time to time.

Losing my Virginity
Swing Song
The Andgel and The Devil
Here to Say
The Amherst Song
Buries You