Justin And Tomek

Justin And Tomek

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Piano pop/rock in the vein of Ben Folds Five, Counting Crows.


'Justin and Tomek' consists of Justin Hind (piano, vocals, songwriter) and Tomek Miernowski (guitars, misc. instruments, arranger). The piano-pop/rock duo started recording together in 2004 (in Wisconsin) and is now located on the east coast. All of the music up to this point has been self-produced and engineered, originating with creative experimentation by two naive high-school friends, eventually blossoming into mature songwriting and musicianship by two professional audio engineers. This is Justin and Tomek.


'I Need to EP' (2008)
'Myriads' (2006)
'This Boy' (2004)

Set List

Our set list includes over 25 originals, plus a rotation of cover songs by artists like Elton John, Ben Folds, Counting Crows, and others.