justin  brown

justin brown


I enjoy writing and recording songs in my basement.


I focus on great songs. My standard is writing a song that makes 90% of the listeners say - yes.


Ann and Joseph

Written By: Justin Brown

Anne’s in love with Joseph and she’s not ashamed to say
She loves him more than anything, her heart will never stray
It always brings a smile, to think about that day
The day that Anne met Joseph in a whorehouse in L.A.

It was 3am when he walked in, she’s working the line
He came to her, and kissed a hand then led her to the night
The boss man screamed “I’m gettin my gun”, so Joseph drew his knife
Said “don’t yell in front of my woman”, as he thrusted the knife inside

She says “He and I’ll grow old you’ll see and every night we pray for forgiveness”
Our souls been led astray but our hearts in the right place
With god on our side we live as one

Joseph helps ship cocaine to Miami and LA
He pays off all the officers who might get in his way
The business is a bloody one, your friends can turn up dead
When Charles gunned down Stanley, Christ he almost lost his head

He likes me just for me

He and I fell in love you see and every night we pray for redemption
Our souls been led astray but our hearts are here to stay
With god on our side we can’t do wrong

Locals know who Joseph is but never speak a word
Last who talked went missing after voicing his concerns
And then the photo journalist left bleeding from a post
Thank god that he found mercy, Joseph hates those snoops the most
Thank god says Anne’s of Joseph, that he came to her that day
The day she met her savior in a whorehouse in LA


I used to. The old days.