Justin Bulava

Justin Bulava


The piano-based pop melodies of Justin Bulava are the cosmic result of the reaction of pop, rock and avant-garde musical styles. Justin’s live performances take listeners on a swirling ride between thoughtful ballads, Ben Folds Five-spiked alternative rock and the esotericism of John Cage.


Justin Bulava has always felt simultaneously embraced and estranged by the music world, being both the beloved child of musical performance and the outcast defender of John Cage in music history classes. Over the years, Justin has studied piano, drum set, and clarinet extensively and in many different styles of playing. After completing college, he felt knowledgeable of yet not quite belonging to any one musical role: the orchestral player, the military band musician, the rock star, the singer/songwriter, the elitist academic classical composer. All of these remain tangent to Justin’s yet to be clearly defined musical calling. Justin also does not compose music in the traditional way; there is no music without inspiration, and there is no toil and strife in completing the final notes of a work. Either they arise from the ether or the piece is never finished. Convinced that this outlook reflects his life-long search for truth and beauty, Justin has come to terms with it and divulges his creativity into every musical outlet imaginable. He performs on clarinet and bass clarinet in orchestral, solo, chamber and improvisational settings. He uses piano as a tool for composing more pop-centered music, citing Ben Folds as a leading influence. He is a strong supporter and enthusiastic composer and performer of contemporary classical music and his close ties with composers has led him to become the vice president of the only composers’ group at Rutgers University. He enjoys performing in musical theater productions on drums and woodwinds. Justin is also the co-founder of a NJ-based avant-garde improv trio that he uses as an outlet for his Cagean sensibilities, incorporating Western and non-Western instruments as well as found objects into musical synergy.

Justin has also developed an interest in recording and is self-producing a full length album of all original music due to be released in September 2009. Entitled Eureka!, the CD is essentially a cross-section of his musical mind, an amalgamation of experiments and discoveries in pop, improvisation and avant-garde, all on the same disc.


"Stands Still" LP to be released in Sept 2009. Some music available for streaming on myspace.com/myfavoriteghost.

Set List

Originals typically performed live:

Head in the Clouds
Love, pt. 1
Asleep in the Television
For the Old Man in the Ambulance on George St.
Atlas in Love
Say Hello

Large catalog of Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five songs (30+)
Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, Bright Eyes, Rufus Wainwright, Kate Nash, The Flaming Lips, and more