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Justin Caldwell

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Masterful songwriting-CKUA Radio"

“The songwriting is masterful, the musicianship is inspiring and the production is huge. What a wonderful piece of work..."
- Andy Donnelly (CKUA Radio Network, Producer/Host)

"Liberty University"

Dog And Bird, by Justin Caldwell, is a surprisingly polished, finely produced, and original first album. Traveling through a wide range of influences, from The Police and Peter Gabriel to Kurt Elling and Martin Sexton, Caldwell maintains an original sound throughout. Caldwell’s voice, meanwhile, delivers a coup de grace with a smooth soulful sound reminiscent of Sting.

Displaying an eclectic range of music, Caldwell transforms seamlessly between musical genres and influences without the expected self-conscious sense that he’s stretching too far. In fact, Caldwell stands out as he moves so fluently that the slow blues’ “Enough” and the upbeat reggae “It’s Not Me” both seem like a native tongue for him. Dog And Bird also maintains a soulful and intuitive feel to it throughout. In this area Caldwell follows educated musicians such as Sting and Bono, whose music is intelligent but playable and easy to listen to. This is also aided by Caldwell’s voice. His almost crooner-esque sound reveals a blues and jazz influence that give a depth of feeling that easily reaches the listener and creates an instant connection. Drawing on the blues influence, Caldwell’s voice then transforms the moving “This Way For You” and title track, “Dog And Bird” into punching, resonating rock songs.

The connection between Caldwell and the listener would not be possible without Caldwell’s songwriting. For a young artist, Caldwell’s writing seems well developed and he comes across as adept at composing catchy popish song such as the radio friendly “I’m Not Falling” and then moving into deeper waters with darker ballads such as “Love Is Suicide”. His degree of personal songwriting connects you with the over-all feeling of the album and seems to usher you into an intimate place in his life, while avoiding being over-emotional.

Dog And Bird is an album that makes you feel as though you have discovered a musician that is only beginning an amazing career. It is a journey, not only through the different ideas of love, from sacrifice to obsession, but through the different ideas of music. Drawing on his intuitive feel for composition, Caldwell delivers a pleasing and original work.

------ Daniel Bowden, Liberty University

- Daniel Bowden

"90.9FM The Light"

Dog and Bird? Right away the album title might make you say “hmmm.” However, after listening to the album, it’s guaranteed that your “hmmm” will turn to “Mmmmhhhmmm!” The music grabs you through its eclectic melodies and distinctive lyrics. Dog and Bird isn’t an album that has to grow on you- expect love at first listen.

Warning: Caldwell’s CD might trick you. While listening, you’ll probably think that you stuck your favorite mix CD in. When Look My Way and It’s Not Me plays, you might think modern-day jazz artist Michael Bublé is in your CD player. But then This Way For You plays, and its style changes from that jazzy feel to a more rock band sound. Next on the CD is the track Dog and Bird. When you hear the acoustic softness, you may be reminded of John Mayer. The smooth and lulling sounds of You’d Let Me In But I’d Never Fit resemble the indie air of Coldplay. The lyrics, as much as the melodies, have variety. There is the soulful melancholy of Love is Suicide to the more lighthearted Dog and Bird.

Whatever you are in the mood for, it's there. Variety is pleasing to the ears. Try the exceptionally talented Justin Caldwell’s album, Dog and Bird. Every track is a fresh blend of musical styles. Caldwell’s CD will not disappoint. Enough said.

--- Amy Hultstrand
Representative, 90.9 The Light
- Amy Hultstrand


A L B U M S:
"Dog and Bird" released 2006

S O N G S W / R A D I O P L A Y:
"This Way For You"
"Love Is Suicide"
"Look My Way"
"It's Not Me"
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
"No One Likes a Drunk on Christmas Day"



As heard on commercials for NIKE, VISA, HONDA, FEMA, TYLENOL, and the primetime network pilot "DEAR GOD, IT'S ME TRACI".

Often described as a jazz/rock cross between JAMIE CULLUM and JOHN MAYER, Justin Caldwell is one of those great songwriters and entertaining performers who makes you tell ALL your friends. And his VOICE? That’s not professionally altered vocals or auto-tune you hear. That voice has been developed from years of performing for crowds in over 25 countries (Australia, China, Spain, Italy, England...) and at over 70 COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES (NACA Nationals Showcasing Artist, NACA Mid-America Showcasing Artist, NACA Northwest Showcasing Artist, Univ. of Wisconsin, Penn State Univ., Marquette, Bucknell), and numerous venues and festivals across the country (Harborfest, MOBfest, NYC Cancer Walk).

Caldwell performs a creative show of original music, incorporating crowd-pleasing cover tunes (anywhere from Prince to John Mayer to popular TV theme songs) and a full range of rich textures and instrumentation from his 3-piece band, perfect for coffeehouses or big ole loud riotous concert events!

If you have an ear for something different...something smart...music that is equal parts deep and entertaining...one listen is all it takes to know that Justin Caldwell is an artist whose every musical step you won’t want to miss.

"His live show is unbelievable! You’ve got to see him perform for yourself" ~Daniel Bowden, Liberty University

"From the moment he hit the stage, Justin Caldwell kept the packed house captivated. In addition to his energetic performance his interactions with everyone before and after the show were genuine and warm. Students are already asking for Justin to make a return performance at IWU!" ~Kevin Clark (Ast. Dean of Students, Illinois Wesleyan University)

“The students gave him 3 standing ovations!” ~Amy Kelly, Penn State University

“The songwriting is masterful, the musicianship is inspiring and the production is huge. What a wonderful piece of work..." -Andy Donnelly (CKUA Radio, Producer/Host)