Miami, Florida, USA
BandHip HopGospel

Dynamic, Inspiring, Anointed, and Confident! His God given abilities through music and Preaching have caused audiences to literally come to tears! The music he makes propogates the Gospel of Jesus Christ compelling men to repent and trust the Savior! Luke 13:3-5, Acts 17:30.


Justin-Credible, also known as Reverend Justin Oneal Francis was born on September 22, 1987, he was the fourth and youngest child born to Bishop James & Edna Francis of Monument of Faith Ministries. His family moved from the Bronx, New York to Miami, Florida to advance their family life. Early in school, Justin skipped his first grade. This has helped him to mature at a faster rate than most of his peers. As a pastors son, he was born into the church and was very lively, even from his first year of life. From then the Lord had his hand on Justins life.
Justin-Credible began playing the drums when he was only eleven months old! As a toddler, Justin started knocking on pots, pans, night tables, lamps and beds using pens and pencils as sticks. By the time Justin turned 3, he started to play at his church as a drummer and by age 5, he became the main drummer.
He trusted Christ as Savior at four years old, and was baptized at the age of five and immediately began singing on his church choir. Professionals and prophetic preachers told him that he had a great calling on his life. Tony Bennetts road manager affirmed this, so did Lavern Tripp when he came to minister at his church. Justin is a serious Christian and makes no apology for the anointing on his life. The first message he preached was when he was only seven years old, and he continues to preach messages with bibliocentric knowledge and clarity. Even during school, many of his friends have witnessed his unwavering faith in God, and have seen a difference in his life, compared to the lewd and disrespectful life lived by the majority of teens and his peers. Justin has won many awards from the junior talent and Teen Talent competitions and has participated at the Regional, State, and International levels in drums, ensembles, writing, art, and choir.
He began rapping, and also wrote his first song at age 11. He began producing, and created his first instrumentals as early as 13. He also plays the trumpet and, the saxophone. His main inspirations to do gospel music are Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee, Hezekiah Walker, Cross Movement, (Ambassador, and Phanatik), Pettidee, Prodigal Son (www.sonicbids.com/prodigalson) and B.B. Jay. This young man's vision is to be a Gospel evangelist/producer: to reach souls and touch lives. He believes every prophecy made on his life, and is ready to do whatever it takes for his voice to be heard. Justin-Credible has opened up for such artists as Tonex, Papa San, T-Bone, Pretty Ricky, Junior Tucker, Pettidee, and many more. Justin-Credible's singles are being played on local radio stations. He has received International invitations including the Church of God International Carib-fest in Freeport Bahamas. He has also ministered at the Annual Holy Hip-Hop Artist Showcase and Awards in Atlanta, Georgia. He ministers every weekend in auditoriums, churches, clubs, jails, and even on the streets! He's sold his Cd's in the hood, out the trunk and even outside stores and restaraunts! Justin knows that there are many people especially the youth who will never step foot in a church building so he brings the church to them! Mark 16:15.
Many Christians are scared to step out the four walls, but he beleives what his hit song Stomp says, "The angels of the lord sorround me, like the secret service/". In August of 2007, Justin was blessed to go overseas and minister in Nairobi, and Mombasa, Kenya. There in Africa, along with his brother and father, he was blessed to minister and perform in front of over 80,000 people! He witnessed many miracles and his faith was challenged and thus reached a new level. Neno Evangelism Center under the leadership of Apostle James M. Nganga welcomed him as the first ever gospel rapper to perform at their churches in Nairobi, and Mombasa. There in Kenya, Justin witnessed thousands of souls come to the Lord at almost every service.
Justin was recently featured on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and JCTV which is the 1 Christian Youth Channel on the planet! He was an International Finalist on the video reality show "Take 3." Most people who have heard Justin's music consider him to be an anointed song-writer and producer. In 2004, Justin-Credible began being mentored by Prodigal Son, and became an affiliate of HOLY-wood Records. U.K.U.S. In 2007, in a movement to bring unity to the Florida Gospel movement, Justin-Credible became an affiliate of Dead Flesh Records. Now Justin-Credible is a member of Elohim Records and Films. Justin believes that making music, saving and encouraging souls and touching lives through music, is his calling and destiny. LETS ALL JOIN TOGETHER TO WIN SOULS!


Holyghost Party

Written By: Justin-Credible

Chorus: There aint nothing like a Christian party/ there aint nothing like a Holy Ghost party/ aint nothing like a Christian party/ if you know like I know this parties got it going on,

Verse1: Yo,this is for the Christian clubs and parties/ don’t hesitate to move your body/ its Justin-Credible 4 sho aint no question I’m wit it/ aint no question I spit it/ (merging the street wit gospel) yall know who did it/ gotta stay committed/
and gotta stay legit/ if God’s on my side Ima stay with hits/ life’s short you betta not play with it/ and I aint gonna quit/
Cause to make it in to heaven there’s only one way/ and its more than just going to church on Sunday/(so yall betta listen up)
if you wanna live right you can learn from me/ I’ts Justin-Credible you might of never heard of me/ on top of the charts that’s where I deserve to be/ cause I’m about to steal this game like it’s a burglary/ 4sho, and everybody get on the flo’/ cause me and G-O-D came to let you know/

Verse2: This aint nothing but a Christian party/ you betta grab some holy wine put down that Bacardi/ u think the treasures of this world will last hardly/ who can match what God has for you? Nobody/
Now because of God I got my pockets on swole/ I got the charts controlled/ I’m wearin platinum not gold/
On top of that I’m not ashamed of God cause I’m bold/ and I’m breakin records cause of all the albums I”ve sold/ (Whoa!) Its all cause I’m a true believa/ and I know that God will never leave ya/ and I know that satan will deceive ya/ and everyday my focus on God gets deepa/
See I keep my nose in the bible/ that’s the key to survival/ that’s the key to revival/ you betta listen up cause everything I say is vital/ Its Justin-Credible and I just won the heavy weight title/

Bridge: Aint no party like a Holy Ghost Party, Cause a Holy Ghost party don’t stop, (Stop!) Repeat 3x
Aint no party, like it, no (Stop!)

Verse3: You’re now listening to the new era of hip-hop/
that wont stop/ that won’t flop/ and Ima stay hot/
ain’t nobody gonna stop my shine/
I silence haters as soon as I drop my lines/
I hope hell is the eternity you won’t select/
I hope Christ is the one that you won’t neglect/
Being saved is something that you won’t regret/
and a Christian party’s something that you wont forget/


Written By: Justin-Credible-Francis

Intro: Get Crunk wit it, Get crunk wit it, Now Get Crunk for the Lord(repeat)
Just Stomp on the devil (Repeat 5x)

Verse 1: It started out as prophecy, yall thought it was hypocrisy/ but now you see aint no stoppin' me/
I'm tired of people who start in the church but don't finish in the church/
It might be a long road- I'll finish first, know who's the best and who's the worst/
I rather be praisin' God than be snatchin' a purse, or in a hospital bed depending on a nurse/
and I'm glad I'm out here where I'm supposed to be/
instead of havin a murderer chokin' me/
instead of being out there
smokin trees-please
I know the devil wanna see me slip-but I gotta get a grip/
cause I don't wanna end up in the bottomless pit/
with false prophets- false teachers, backsliders-fake preachers/
GOD gives me strength
when I feel I'm getting weaker/ I'm on the Lord's side aint no way I can lose/
Imma stomp on the devil till' his blood's on my shoes/(Hey)

Hook: Now if your goanna get to the next level, than all you gotta do is stomp on the devil,
Just stomp on the devil(repeat)

Verse 2: It's 3-0-5 when I ride, through the storm I survive/
soldier for Christ-I won't be denied/ satan can't move me- he won't try, lake of fire-he'll eternally fry/
we reppin Christside-so get them hands high/
let me know where you go when you die-
heaven up in the sky-right/
We livin in the last days,
Everybody wanna make fast pay/
betta "get ya back off da wall" cause it's a new day/
and I'm just spittin' the truth to ya/
so you won't end up livin wit lucifa/
he's under our feet thats why we stompin' on him daily/
and I got my armour on, so aint no way he can play me/
And I study- to show my self approved/
in the end I know we're goanna win, and satan's goanna lose/
I refuse- to refrain from spreadin' the good news/
to every living creature, don't get it confused/
accepting Jesus Christ is the only choice to choose/
Imma stomp on the devil til' his blood's on my shoes/(Hey)

Verse 3: You wanna hate on me- well be my guess/
that jealousy just assures me I'm blessed/
spiritually,and physically too/
Child of the King-don't try to deny the truth/
He's coming back soon-
put Christ in ya brain/
Accept his love, and your
life will be changed/
"On the battlefield" that's where I remain/ I'm stompin on the devil, and I'll never be ashamed/
spreadin the gospel thats my purpose/
the angels of the lord sorround me, like the "Secret Service"/
we keep it crunk and hype/
nobody will get drunk tonight/
unless you get drunk off Christ/
GOD reigns supreme- you suppossed to know/
I kicked the devil so hard I almost broke my toe/
now a higher place in God that's what I pursue/
Imma stomp on the devil till his blood's on my shoes/(hey)

Bear the Cross

Written By: Justin-Credible-Francis

Verse 1: They spat on my face, mocked me cursed me/ crown of thorns on the head, still showed mercy/
I said "father forgive them for they know not"/ they stripped off my clothes, and started to cast lots/
The PAIN of the whips, like bullets from a rifle/ three times denied by my own desciples/
nailed to the cross, some wept some smiled/ sentenced to death, without a fair trial/
I told them I was thirsty, vinegar was the beverage/
right at this point satan thought he had the leverage/
but he couldn't be more wrong, I went and took back the keys/ of death and disease/ so all could be free/
betrayed by the ones I used to know/
prophecied all this would happen then the rooster crowed/
on the third day an earthquake the world rumbled/
the stone was rolled away, satan's kingdom crumbled/


Holyghost Party Single-Released October 23,2004 Monument of Faith Ministiries
Child of the King-EP Released December 23, 2005.
Child of the King-LP Released May 12, 2006.
Child of the King Vol.II-LP Released July 11, 2008
Revealed Truth-LP Released Jun 11, 2010
Stomp, Ride With JC, Guide Me, and Holyghost Party have been played on 1170 AM,88.3 FM, and 89.7 Spirit F.M.
Produced tracks for various artists such as Called 2 Worship, Ordinary, Galilee 3:16, D-MAUB, Prodigal Son, M.O.T.C., Jubilee, Cherri D, Saint Unit, G-Quinn, Mr.E, ViceRoy, S.O.G, Dok Freeze, Cherri D., CHROME, Faceless, R.O.D, Rick Simon, Mr. Humble,Young B, and many more.

Set List

Minimum 10 minutes
Sets can go for as long as 20 minutes to an hour and a half (90 minutes).
Time must be given for the Holy Spirit to move and touch lives, and for the REAL Ministry to go forth!

Intro 1:05
Stomp- 4min.
Ride with JC- 4:30

King of Kings-3:35
Guide Me- 5min.
Bear the Cross- 4min.

Power 4 min.
100%- 3:45
Doing My Best 4:30

ChristSide 4:38
Stomp Pt. 2 4:35
Judgement Day 6:00
Lets Go 2:45