Justin D Clements

Justin D Clements

 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Justin D Clements, aka your friendly neighborhood rockstar, ha a unique style, dubbed folk rock with flair, which embraces what is true in his heart. His songs also reveal his creative nature for storytelling through lyrics filled with messages of faith, hope, and love.


Justin D Clements is a Boston native who has grown up in Virginia Beach. He has been harnessing his musical skills since he was in kindergarten. An avid guitarist and pianist, Justin earned his BA in vocal performance from Bridgewater College. In college he was well known on the music scene in the Shenandoah Valley. Since graduation, Justin has become a regular at numerous local coffee shops and a favorite at open mic nights. He has also opened for several national acts, including Matt White, at the NorVA, a prominent venue in Norfolk, VA. He has even been known to do the occasional wedding.
Justin is a Christian and an Artist, but feels strongly called to bring his music to more than just a Christian audience. He therefore uses his passion for writing to create music that conveys a positive message, even if that message is hidden between the lines. He works hard to make sure that each song brings us a message of faith, love and hope, in a way that everyone can relate. Justin feels it’s just as important for those who are “lost” to hear songs with these words of inspiration.
As a singer/songwriter, Justin’s music comes from the heart, not from a particular genre. However, if forced to label himself, “folk rock with flair” would be the best description. Taking his love for storytelling and fusing it with acoustic rock. Justin loves to take people along on his musical journey.
He has most recently worked with friend and fellow musician George Gaydos @ Audio Eye Studios on two separate five song albums, which are being released digitally. The first, titled Standing on the Edge of Fight vs. Flight, was released on iTunes and CDBaby.com in October of 2009. Justin plans to release the second album, An Accidental Collision between the Milky Way and My Heart, in February 2010. The albums will be Justin’s 4th and 5th releases.
To find more of Justin D online, look up Justin D in Pages on Facebook or check out his myspace at www.myspace.com/yourfriendlyneighborhoodrockstar. Also enjoy his new website www.yourfriendlyneighborhoodrockstar.com.

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An Accidental Collision between the Milky Way & My Heart - 2010
Standing on the Edge of Fight vs. Flight - 2009
My Christmas Card - 2006
Shooting Stars on Rainy Days - 2005
Any Shade of Blue - 2003