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Anaheim, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA

Anaheim, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
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"Malibu Music Awards selects Justine Dorsey as Singer/Songwriter of the year!"

Malibu Music Awards selects Justine Dorsey as Singer/Songwriter of the year! - Malibu Daily

""Justine is writing songs that are beautiful, creative, and honest.""

You may not have heard about Justine Dorsey yet. (Or, perhaps you have. She’s an actress as well.) But let’s introduce you to Justine, the singer/songwriter. If you like your music to tell you the stories of your own life, but in ways you wish you had been able to tell them; if you like your music to comfort you, yet stir up all your emotions in an I-can’t-believe-you’ve-experienced-that-too kind of way; if you like to sing along and pretend that certain someone knew that this song is exactly how you feel, read on. Or, if you’re not sure that you do, read on anyway. Justine is a two-time 2012 LA Music Awards Nominee for Best Female Singer/Songwriter and Hot Contemporary Single and Semi-Finalist for this years Unsigned Music Competition which is being judged by songwriters Kelly Clarkson and Cyndi Lauper, among others. She’s writing songs that are beautiful, creative, and honest. Music like that not only wins competitions, but hearts as well.

Relate: Tell us about the songs on the EP and what inspired them:

Justine: There are four songs on the EP: “Unsaid”, “Everything That’s Beautiful”, “Cliché”, and “Mama’s Song”. “Unsaid” is my most defining song. It was written after I met this guy at a coffeehouse open mic, and he left such a big impression on me. Just as soon as our paths crossed, they parted, and we went our separate ways. And I will never get to tell him just how much he meant to me. There are people that we will meet that won’t be in our lives forever, but somehow in that tiny blip on the screen of our lives, they change us. It fascinates me. “Everything That’s Beautiful” is basically me wanting to write I really fun, windows-rolled-down, music-blaring road trip song. It’s about that person that makes you feel the way all your favorite things do. “Cliché” was actually born out of a first draft of “Unsaid”. It’s for when you’re falling in love, and this person has consumed most of your thoughts so much that you actually sort of hate yourself for it. The last track is “Mama’s Song”, and it’s one that pretty much makes me cry whenever I play it. I had written it as a gift for my mom on Mother’s Day, and it reminds me so much of being a little girl and the adventures we’ve had together… Okay, I think I’m going to cry now…

Relate: First memory of music:

Justine: This is sort of embarrassing, but the first things that pops into my head is this: my dad used to have this beat-up white Ford truck that had no air-conditioning, so it was always boiling, and he’d take my sister and I on a drive; we’d roll down all the windows and blast- wait for it- “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry. So weird. But we’d have so much fun doing that.

R: The comparisons to Taylor Swift are in your music, but you are definitely your own artist. Tell readers who aren’t familiar with your music what sets you apart from other singer/songwriters.

J: Well thanks! This question is harder for me to answer…All I know is that I’m writing music that is 100% me, and coming from an honest place. I am unable to write about something I’m not connected to emotionally. Also, I think some artists in the folk/pop genre can get in the habit of writing songs that sound very similar, and every time I write a song, I want it to be completely different than the last one I wrote. Obviously I’m not going to start writing, like, I don’t know, a salsa song or something, but I want all my songs to be different characters and colors.

R: I read that you’ve been acting for awhile. How have those experiences affected your current dreams of pursuing music?

J: I’ve been acting longer than I’ve been a singer/songwriter- I’ve been acting since I was five! It’s had a positive effect on how I go about pursuing music, because I’m used to rejection. I have a backbone. This is such a competitive industry that you sorta-kinda need one of those if you want to keep going. I haven’t had to compromise on anything- I’m able to pursue both without one bein - Relate mag.com by Ellen Marie Hawkins

"Justine Dorsey. She's truly an infectious artist that possess a "Gold Standard" look, sound, appeal, talent, vocal passion and presence."


Los Angeles California based Justine Dorsey just released her latest EP entitled Unsaid released in 2012. Dorsey is a 2012 LA Music Award Nominee for Best Female Singer/Songwriter. She has worked with multi-Grammy Award winner Randy Sharp and I might add she doesn't have her drivers license yet.

The EP gently takes flight with the title track “Unsaid” s slow building intro groove that serves inviting piano accents, delicate acoustic guitar against a mesmerizing vocal front from Dorsey. Track 2 “Everything that’s Beautiful” presents an upbeat follow-up piece that serves up flowing rhythmic foundation, and heartfelt vocals that flows and ebbs its way through to emotional fruition making for an impressive follow-up piece. Track 3 “Cliché” my serves up methodical music build against thought provoking lyrical content against hypnotic groove. The musicianship of everyone involved is above the bar. Song for song the effective combination of Dorsey’s voice and Alternative-Pop catalogue is never called into question. As for her vocal abilities - she's quite impressive. Her vocal style is cut from the cloth of Alanis Morissette, Poe, Bjork, and even Tori Amos. Dorsey showcases a crystal clear vibrato, with an appealing mezzo-soprano persona. All of this makes for a strong and confident vocal ability. I especially like how her voice just sort of flows and ebbs melodically with the music. This latest EP from Dorsey delivers 4 compelling tracks all providing an interesting snapshot of an amazing artist with thought provoking lyrical wisdom with messages that are positive, passionate and extremely captivating. From melodic “Cliché to “Mama’s Song” this EP has something for just about everyone.

All songs over 3.5 minutes drag you to the finish line. I’m not crazy about some of the drum performances on some of the tracks. I typically don’t give 10 star ratings/reviews out to EP’s as the Full Length CD is the more complete snapshot of what a band or artists is capable of.

I like everything about Justine Dorsey. She's truly an infectious artist that possess a "Gold Standard" look, sound, appeal, talent, vocal passion and presence. She's also is a very impressive talent for her age. The music is warm, extremely marketable, uplifting and very passionate. The pin drop moments are amazing, and her falsetto is to die for. The songwriting is an interesting snapshot of music from a clairvoyant artist that has quite a lot to offer.All songs are consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair and signature groove. Note for note, song for song this catalogue is extremely likeable very much like the artist herself.
- Indie Music Digest

"Justine's EP is brilliantly delivered with warm musical textures and melodic earthy compositions."

UNSAID: "There are some fantastic pieces on this CD which gives this musical production a very accessible feel emotionally. Dorsey’s vocal delivery is brilliant and I would describe her style as musical earthy pop indulgence. Dorsey clearly has all the singer/songwriter qualities needed to gravitate a fan base.." - SKOPE

"Justine is Semi-Finalist in the 2012 Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition!"

"Although this was the first year for Unsigned Only, we received nearly 7,500 entries from 80 countries worldwide. We were extremely impressed by the level of talent on display and want to congratulate everyone who has become a semi-finalist. The next step is that the group of semi-finalists will be narrowed down to the finalists who will be sent to our celebrity judges. Finalists will be announced on July 19. Winners will be announced in August. Justine was selected as a semi-finalist!" - Unsigned Only

"Justine Dorsey's "Unsaid." You won't be able to stop talking about it. ."

At age 16, Justine Dorsey, has had more accomplishments in the music industry than most. In fact, the teen talent, who is touted as a "whip-smart pop with folk sensibilities and recorded her first song for a Christmas compilation CD at the age of 8, has a newly released debut CD, "Unsaid," which pretty much says it all. The arranging is sophisticated, adding a new texture from the first downbeat , A bowed cello immediately adds a very personal vibe, as the piano figure finger style guitar enter, and you hear the sweet and young, but powerful voice of Justine Dorsey.

I like the combination of strength in the softness of her tone, and the way she phrases through the story in “Unsaid,” supported by the upright bass and the understated drums, carrying the listener through her building frustration of not saying something to someone you’re attracted to and the conversation in your head about why it was probably not a good idea. Great art speaks to the human condition, and this album presents the gifted singer and composer in splendid vocal powerhouse performances, and also features her on guitar, singing songs that reward you for taking the time to listen.

“Everything That’s Beautiful,” is a bright song that delves into how much that special someone in your life means to you, and the mix is on the money. There’s a clever drums break where all you hear are voices floating, ethereal chords, and Justine adding a very cool background as she sings about all the good things that remind you of "your one and only" using the images of summer. "You’re a….“Ray of sunlight on the ocean, a tall glass of lemonade”, and it’s fun listen to her ideas. The hook features classic electric keyboard sounds, electric bass, and steel string guitars are energized great drums. The ending is cool with Justine’s laughter from the session. I found “Cliche” to be fascinating because Justine’s voice reminds me of vocalist Melody Gardot’s breathy soft toned textures and phrasing. If she’s got this much going on at in her mid teens, I look forward to what’s next. This song is built around a great triplet guitar that draws upon her most soulful intensity, and the passion increases as she sings about all the things you do when you’re obsessed with someone you can’t stop thinking about. The Rhodes piano nuances the groove. "Mama's Song," which ends the CD with a bang is a quaint waltz that showcases howJustine effortlessly sings her high range. What sounds like a ukelele and mandolin, give it a childlike quality, and lyrics that reveal her gift for writing songs that show wisdom gained from experiences, or connect with those people can relate to.

Justine Dorsey should have a spectacular career ahead of her. Her songs connect with the human spirit and gently caress the very soul inside of you. And did I mention that her first original song, "English Rose," earned her a nomination for the Los Angeles Music Awards Singer/Songwriter of the year at just 13 years of age, making her the youngest nominee in history to compete for that award?.
- The Entertainment Bank, Michele Wilson-Morris

"Justine's Unsaid garners her TWO Nominations @ LA Music Awards!"

Justine has been honored with two nominations for Hot AC Single and Female Singer/Songwriter. She will receive her certificates and perform at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go June 14th. - Los Angeles Music Awards

"Justine Dorsey's Earthlings is an ISC Semi-Finalist!"

5/3/12: Justine's song Earthlings made it as a semi-finalist in the prestigious 2011 International Songwriting Competition in the Teen category. - International Songwriting Competition

"Suckfreeradio.com features Mama's Song on Mother's Day"

"So moving, so touching-this song really strikes a chord with Moms."

Mama's Song will be featured at www.suckfree radio on Mother's Day. - John Kuhns at www.suckfreeradio.com

"Mama's Song featured on www.erkfminternational.com"

www.erkfminternational.com will feature Justine Dorsey's Mama's Song May 2nd. - Erk FM International Podcasts

"Extraordinary...astonishing vocal talents"

Artist: Justine Dorsey
Song: Mama’s Song
Review by Alec Cunningham

“Mama’s Song,” a tune which is dedicated to Justine Dorsey’s mother, is all about the strong relationship between the two family members. She sings about the process of growing up and maturing while attempting to retain innocence and to maintain a strong bond between mother and daughter. Dorsey tells the story in a linear fashion, telling how at first her mother would tuck her in at 8 o’clock by reading her a story. But as time went by, they would lay in bed at 10 o’clock looking back on her childhood, talking about how old she has gotten and how mature she has become.
The last lines perfectly capture the struggle that every person faces when coming into adulthood. Each person is forced to grow up and begin living life on their own while a part of them always wishes that there was a way to remain childlike and innocent for just a little while longer. She sings, “I’ll look back on the days gone by, and you know that I’ll cry and I’ll cry, ‘cause I’ll want that innocence inside.”
As for the song’s melody, it is a slower composition. Her higher voice is similar to that of the Civil Wars’ female vocalist Joy Williams. Within the song, she is able to utilize a range of notes from gentle lows to elaborative highs. Dorsey uses a single instrument with a simple, repetitive strumming pattern to guide listeners through the song and to place more emphasis on her lyrics and her vocals.
Being that she is a mere sixteen years old, Dorsey’s extraordinary vocal gifts are that much more impressive. And not only does the girl have an astonishing talent, but it is also evident that she expresses true, heartfelt emotions within “Mama’s Song.”
Review by Alec Cunningham
Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)

Alec Cunningham is a journalist and freelance writer from Knoxville, TN. Her passion for music goes back to the early days of her youth. For her,
having the chance to interview bands and review their music, along with becoming introduced to new artists, combines the best of the music and writing worlds.
She currently works for the Music section of BLANK Newspaper, Knoxville’s longest-running independent publication, writing musician interview articles and album reviews.
- Alec Cunningham


Talent comes in all ages, Justine Dorsey is living proof. This sixteen year old young lady out of California is planting seeds and watching her career grow. She started singing at the very young age of seven and also did musical theater and eventually picked up songwriting. Writing became the catalyst that made her creativity grow into what it is today. Through her music she was able to express herself and grow as an individual and really explore what the world has to offer and she is taking full advantage of every opportunity.She completed high school this year, did I mention she is only sixteen, and is starting a junior college in January. Not only is she talented with the adorable looks to go along with it but she has the brain power to make her future soar. Equipped with her new car she received this year for Christmas as she so excitedly shared with me, she has her guitar packed and is geared to do some living for more material to write about.

Talking with her was a pleasure and learning experience for me too. I had to remind myself often that I was talking to a young lady with only sixteen years of experience. She was wise beyond her years, extremely articulate and a respectable role model for even us old fogies.
She has a long road ahead of her but has come so far already in a short period of time. Often in this business when a young lady like herself starts building a name, they become role models to their fans. I asked her if she took that seriously and what her focus is where her music was concerned. She answered with the style and grace I have grown accustomed to very quickly through out our interview.
She said, “I feel like it is the responsibility of anyone in the public eye to be a positive role model and stay on your best behavior. Young people are very impressionable, I have even done it myself, seeing people I respect when they misbehave, as a fan you want to make excuses for them. But there is no excuse it is your obligation to be a good influence. I myself want to encourage young girls or any youth for that matter to get out there and explore the world of music. It expands your mind and opens doors to new possibilities. I think music is a gift and should be respected. It can be therapeutic and inspirational. When I write I analyze my relationships and the environment around me. It is an excellent way to sort out all the emotions that spin around in my head.”
Often times people think you have to be born into a musical family to have the natural talent it takes to make a career in the music industry. It is simply not true. Justine said her grand parents were talented musicians but her parents did not play or sing at all. The musical influence did not come from within her growing environment, but her parents always encouraged her to follow her heart, and her heart led her to music.
She explains with her old soul mentality, “natural talent can only take you so far. Dedication and hard work are the ultimate tools to success.”
Coming from her acting back ground she has had that training and knows how important it is to find that connection with an audience. Her performances vibrantly reach out to everyone on a personal level.
She continued, “My music is me in my most vulnerable state. I write about extreme highs and lows in my life. I think that is how I am able to connect with my audience when I am on stage. They are able to see and feel the human side of who I am; not only the glitz of the pop genre that I sing in. I am so emotionally attached to each song it makes it easy for me to share that vulnerability.”
She stays busy with her live performances and has been invited to perform in some legendary places like, Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood, where people like Jackson Browne have shared the stage. She also has a spot at the NAMM Show where she will be able to exhibit her talent to music industry people from all over.
I think a lot can be learned from Justine Dorsey and it is certainly entertaining to listen to her music. She has a bright future and is looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store. Visit her online and follow her through social media, she enjoys communicating with her fans. facebook.com/justinedorsey - Skope Magazine


Under Construction EP (release TBA)
Unsaid EP (5/22/12) available on iTunes & Amazon
Colorwheel (3/2/10)

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Indie Outbreak on Indie 104
Radio Crystal Blue
WWSU 106.9 FM Fairborn/Dayton
KLCZ FM, Idaho
Butterflies Radio
Women Of Substance Radio
New Driven Cruisin Radio
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Justine Dorsey tested out of high school at the age of sixteen and has since been on the fast track to becoming a household name in the music industry. Currently in the midst of finishing her upcoming EP aptly titled Under Construction, Justine has had her hands full. Needless to say, she is not your average teenager. Justines maturity shines through in her music. When she first started to write songs, she simply Googled how to write a song and inspiration has struck ever since. When she performs live, audiences are wowed. On stage she is composed, professional and charismatic. Her voice is BIG and her presence is electrifying.

Justine has become an award-winning artist winning Singer/Songwriter of the Year at the Malibu Music Awards. Recently, Justine has signed with Unison Music Group and they have helped produce Justines third project- Under Construction.


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