Justin Elijah

Justin Elijah

 Olathe, Kansas, USA

A unique performer with a unique writing style, that sets him apart from most others. Trys his hardest to create music that has a meaning and a message. Justin has years of singing experience the only thing he lacks is the support, there are not many people that have chosen to support him.


Justin Elijah, a talented pop performer, with a passion for music that is undying. Starting out in church in the childrens and adult choir, as well as the teen and adult praise teams, leading solo's in the latter two. Justin since a small child has watched and studied the greatest of Pop entertainers, from the late greatest Michael Jackson, to todays greats Justin Timberlake, Neyo, and Usher. As w...ell as the greatest dancers, from, Fred Astaire to Savion Glover Which for him left a lasting impression and created his dream of being on stage performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, just like the people he has idolized through his life. To this day Justin Elijah is becoming more indepth with his singing and dancing abilities, as well as creating a unique on stage style, and song style. Never one for vulgarity or obsceneness, Justin's music is family friendly as it it clean entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

Set List

1. We won't Go
2. Burn like a Flame
3. Take my hand
4. Part
5. How Does it Feel