Justin Elwell

Justin Elwell


Acoustic driven Kingdom music that takes the listener to the heart of the Father! As one person commented, "Who knew that so much music could come out of one man and his guitar?"


Justin Elwell
Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader/Teaching Pastor/Husband/Father

I am a man who has been blessed by the Lord in ways to numerous to mention. Without Him, I literally would be dead; but through His grace I have been blessed with family, friends and children. All of this, because one day fifteen years ago I gave my life to Messiah in an Emergency Room bed nearly dead from alcohol poisoning. In my short life I have seen what this world has to offer. Nothing however comes close to what He is offering: salvation and deliverance. That truth, I am a living testimony of.
My childhood was not typical, being the child of divorced parents who both moved frequently, I spent much of my youth traveling between Maine and New York. It was during the periods with my father that I developed a love for music and began playing the guitar. My teen years were spent playing guitar in bar bands and touring throughout the Northeastern U.S. Having produced several recordings during those years, I played many spotlight shows in New York City for both independent and major record labels; including Columbia and RCA. One single, “Far Gone”, gained considerable attention from labels because it featured the keyboard work of Greg Hawkes of the Cars and was recorded at Mission Control Studios with Michael Jonzun, who helped create the New Kids on the Block mania.
At the age of twenty I walked away from music entirely, only picking up a guitar on the odd occasion for the next decade. During that time I got married, had children, attended Bible College and began building a homestead on the southern border of the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. It was during those years that my relationship with the Lord deepened and I felt the call to active ministry.
My entry into Christian music is nothing short of a miraculous move of the Holy Spirit on my heart. For many years I refused to even consider playing music publicly, but when planning a religious service for Shavuot (Pentecost) a pastor who was organizing the event with me expressed a desire to have someone come and lead a few songs with just a voice and guitar. Leaving the meeting, I said nothing and did not even consider the thought. Several days later, while speaking to a traditional Jewish rabbi I told him of my conversation. Remembering that I was once a musician he turned to me and said, “Not using the talent God has given you to bless His people is sinful.” I was immediately convicted in my spirit and eventually led the worship event.
For the last three years I have been blessed to serve as senior rabbi (teaching pastor) and worship leader (traditional and contemporary) of Beit Chased Messianic Community. This has given me the opportunity to visit many Churches, to teach of the Hebraic heritage of our faith and lead worship events. I also minister at Christian Coffeehouses, ministry conventions, youth groups and Community events such as the National Day of Prayer.
My Messiah has blessed me greatly and given me a heart to sing His Praise!

John 3:16, Romans 8:38-39.


Justin's first musical project in 15 years, redeeming the time, has been released and is available at www.myspace.com/justinelwell and snocap.

Set List

I generally play a mix of CCM, Traditional Church, Messianic Jewish and original music. Everything from K-Love, to Hymnal, to traditional Siddur!

Playing inspired music by:

Michael W. Smith,
Paul Wilbur,
dc Talk,
Mark Roach,
Joel Chernoff,
Shaun Groves,
Rich Mullins,
Keith Green,
Jars of Clay,
Third Day,
Jeremy Camp,
Todd Agnew,
Chris Tomlin,
Matt Redman,
Shlomo Carlebach,
Drew Cline,

and many, many more...