Justin Hitte

Justin Hitte


Modern, heartfelt, and encouraging music intended to challenge the way you think about your faith. That collaborated with guitar, bass, drums and electronic beats to make for some stellar grooves.


Justin Hitte's music would be described as elated and vivacious. His musical influences are very vast. The sound his band plays could be described as unique and uncommon. God gives Justin lyrics, then he puts music to it that or vice versa. Sometimes the music comes before lyrics. What sets his music apart from others is the heart behind it all. He produces music that ranges from acoustic worship to electronic rock.

Hitte's history involves his participation in the student ministry as the worship leader. Current band members were part of the first student praise and worship team in 2008. Compromising of Paul Petersen on drums and Josh Moles on bass. Each member can play more than one instrument which makes for good entertainment.


EP: Arse, the restoration project (released 2011)
Available on ITunes, also streaming on songcast radio.

Self titled EP: Justin Hitte (Released fall 2012)

Set List

Set list can be tailored to fit any venue.
Acoustic set:
Hope is rising
Bow at your feet
In your name
Your love

Normal set: (can include the above mentioned as well)
On the Altar
What if we Loved
Calling me Higher
Techno Dub
The Uprising