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This band has not uploaded any videos


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So, there used to be this really impersonal bio with lots of facts to make us sound professional. Here's the story. I'm writing it to you in all the anger that is 25. :) So this is a band-there are 4 of us hustling like champs to be rockstars, but in the process have learned to be artists...love you fellas for your hard work. enough of that. their info is below..... I'm from Portland, OR. but in the last 5 years I've lived in San diego, eugene, portland, and now LA. I bring this up only because where I live in LA, everybody is from everywhere. And thats how you introduce yourself in La la land. But I moved to LA to surf, not because we need the city. As a hippie from the NW I gotta say. People, take care of your ocean. I started playing music as a lil' kid, started performing at 20, several cities later I've landed where I actually get paid for it. only a little though. I'm not gonna lie. pretty poor. When properly executed, our songs sound like what you sing in your head while driving 85 through the dessert. Then split that thought to two thoughts,l one driving solo, and one driving with your loved one. Days spent living to make friends, and ending nights with tequila. I love Classic Rock and really really really dope songwriting, so we do our best to embody the blueprint that was laid out by bands like The Police, The Clash, and great songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Marvin Gaye, Don Henley.(see left...) While I love music with every ounce of my soul, I'm not going to pretend like I love the music biz. It is a corporate berlin wall. These days, radio stations are owned by communication companies, which own the record labels that are promoting music on the radio stations. Yes, PROMOTING music, not playing it. In fact, I think if you play the guitar you are automatically owned by AT&T. But for some reason, putting miles on my jeep, playing for my friends in different cities, and then starving the next week because I spent my last $20 bucks on a round for my friends after the show just seemed more appealing then the regret of not playing music while the getting was good. I've been doing this awhile though now, with the help of good friends who all share the same delight in doing what we love, as often as we can. And while we maybe hungry we've learned that humility and good character, despite what they say, can get you along way in this biz. The means to the end are hard roads sometimes, but it is what it is. The final result people being touched. Plus, it makes your music genuine, and a product of your soul, rather then your need to fill a pocketbook. We entered the studio in april of 2006 and The new record is in full spin, and will be out by fall 2006. SO pleAse, if you just found us, keep your eyes open. We love to play, and spend a great amount of time on the road making friends and fans. So tell your peeps, if the word gets around, the sooner we come to you. If you made it this far in the bio, you are a patient person and will be rewarded with a long life. much love everyone, see you at the rock show. justin